Thank you for your interest in the bidding process.

Below are the current opportunities for bidding on work with the Community College System of New Hampshire (CCSNH).

Open Bids

Bid #CollegeBid DescriptionAddendumCloses On
CHA23-05CCSNH System OfficeApprenticeship Building America (ABA) Grant PartnerCHA23-05 Exhibit B - Report Templates
ABA Partner Webinar Slides
CHA23-05 Exhibit A - ABA Application (Revised 3.22.23)
(Extended Deadline)

Bids Under Review

Bid #CollegeBid DescriptionAddendumClosed On
WMC23-01AWhite Mountains Community CollegeReal Estate Appraiser-11/23/2022
WMC23-01RWhite Mountains Community CollegeRealtor Services1_Addendum 1_WMC23-01R11/23/2022
MCC22-03AManchester Community CollegeReal Estate Appraiser-11/23/2022
MCC22-03RManchester Community CollegeRealtor Services1_Addendum 1_MCC23-03R11/23/2022

Closed Bids

Bid #CollegeBid DescriptionAddendumResultsClosed
GBC21-02Great Bay CCWelding Lab Equipment and SuppliesGBC21-02 Bid Results10/23/2020
GBC21-01Great Bay CCSnow Removal ServicesGBC21-0110/21/2020
CHA20-02SystemClassification and Compensation StudyQuestions and ResponsesThe Segal Company (Eastern States), Inc.06/19/2020
CON20-03NHTI - Concord's Community CollegeSweeney Hall Advising Re-roofCON20-0308/11/2020
CHA21-01SystemCovid-19 Screening App22nd Century Technologies07/10/2020
LRC20-01Lakes Region CCCulinary Lab RenovationsAddendum 1
Addendum 2
WMC20-01White Mountains CCKitchen RenovationsAddendum 1
Addendum 2
Preliminary Bid Results
NHTI20-02NHTI - Concord's CCChild Care Center LeaseCFDC Floor Plan
NHTI Academic Affiliation Agreement
NHTI Standard Form Lease Agreement
Questions & Answers
CFDC Budget Information
CFDC-Tuition Rates
CFDC Employee Salary and Benefit Information
CFDC 2019 Family Handbook
Wage Scale by Position
Position Descriptions
Boys and Girls Club of Central New Hampshire06/26/2020
MCC19-04Manchester CCBoiler and Mechanical Equipment ReplacementAddendum 1Bid Summary06/09/2020
MCC19-01MCCMCC Lab RenovationsMaster Sub List 6.5.20

Addendum 1_
Addendum 2
GBC20-01Great Bay CC - RochesterWelding Lab RenovationsGBC20-01 Addendum 1GBC20-0105/21/2020
GBC20-02Great Bay CC - RochesterWelding StationsGBC20-0205/18/2020
RVC20-02RVCCNew Dump Truck With PlowQuestions and AnswersRVC20-0203/31/2020
RVC20-01RVCCLebanon Lab RenovationAddendum 01RVC20-0103/09/2020
CHA20-01RVCCPurchase of Property - Keene NHAddendum 01No Bids Received12/20/2019
CON20-02NHTISweeney Hall Ventilation - Mechanical UpgradeCON20-0210/10/2019
NHTI20-01NHTIHVAC Repairs & Boiler Preventative MaintenanceAddendum 01

Addendum 02
Granite State Plumbing and Heating09/19/2019
LRC19-01LRCC Mechanical Renovations LRC19-0106/27/2019
CON19-06NHTI(2) 15 Passenger VansAddendum 01
CHA19-06SYSTEMDefault Prevention ServicesBid Not Awarded05/20/2019
WMC19-04WMCCTransfer of Child Development Center For Operation by a Qualified Licensed Childcare ProviderNorth Woods Learning Center05/03/2019
CHA19-04SYSTEMWebsite Redesign and DevelopmentAddendum 01

Q & A
MRW Connected Inc.04/30/2019
RVC19-02RVCC Parking Lot Re-Paving Addendum 01
CHA19-05SYSTEMVideo Services Q & A Responses
Student Bridge04/12/2019
GBC19-02GBCCBuilding Automation and Controls SystemAddendum 01GBC19-0203/19/2019
CHA19-03SYSTEM Producer Services For Property and Casualty InsuranceInsurance Summary Appendix B

Fred C Church Insurance 03/01/2019
GBC19-01GBCCReplacement BoilerAddendum 01GBC19-013/19/2019
CON19-03NHTINHTI Institute Drive Drainage and Campus Sidewalk ImprovementsAddendum 01

Addendum 02

Addendum 03

Addendum 04

CHA19-01SYSTEMSystem Office Data Center Power Cooling ProjectAddendum 01

Addendum 02
CHA20-03SystemRetirement Plan AdvisorBid Not Awarded06/26/2020
CHA21-02System OfficeMarketing ServicesCHA21-02 Marketing Services Results10/30/2020
WMC21-01WMCCDesign Services for Littleton Campus RenovationAddendum 1 - Q&AWMC21-01_Summary Scores_Selected4/19/21
CHA21-03System OfficeExecutive Search FirmCCSNH Contract for Services
Q & A Responses
Bid awarded to RPA Inc.11/20/2020
RFPCCSNHContract for Bookstore Management-Bid Not Awarded4/22/21
MCC21-01Manchester Community CollegeRubber Flooring Tile and Installation-MCC21-01 BID RESULTS7/16/2021
CON21-03NHTI - Concord's Community CollegeHousekeeping & Cleaning ServicesCON21-03 Bid Results7/16/2021
CHA21-05CCSNH SystemSecurity Infrastructure Upgrades, Monitoring & MaintenanceAddendum 1_CHA21-05
Addendum 2_CHA21-05
Addendum 3_CHA21-05
CHA21-05 Bid Results10/26/2021
GBCC22-01Great Bay Community CollegeClassroom Audio/Video Conferencing Equipment & InstallationAddendum 1_GBCC22-01Bid Results11/5/2021
CHA21-04System OfficeConstruction Management ServicesCHA21-04 - Addendum 1CHA21-04 Eckman Master Sub List
CHA21-04 Construction Manager Selection (updated 1.11.23)
GBC22-02Great Bay Community CollegeCommercial Cleaning Services1_Addendum 1_GBC22-02
2_Addendum 2_GBC22-02
GBC22-02 Bid Results2/25/2022
RVC22-01River Valley Community CollegeUtility Terrain Vehicle (UTV)RVC22-01 Bid Results2/23/2022
CHA22-01CCSNH System OfficeEnergy Consultant ServicesExhibit A - Energy Usage History
1_Addendum 1_CHA22-01
2_Addendum 2_CHA22-01
Exhibit B - Sample Contract
CHA22_01 Bid Results4/8/2022
CHA22-02CCSNH System OfficeFinancial Audit Services1_Addendum 1_CHA22-02
2_Addendum 2_CHA22-02
CHA22-02 Results2/10/2022
CON22-01NHTI - Concord's Community CollegeFood Service1_Addendum 1_CON22-01
2_Addendum 2_CON22-01
3_Addendum 3_CON22-01
4_Addendum 4_CON22-01
CON22-01 Bid Results3/11/2022
RVC22-03River Valley Community CollegeCommercial Cleaning Services1_Addendum 1_RVC22-03RVC22-03 Bid Results5/20/2022
MCC23-01Manchester Community CollegeCommercial Cleaning Services1_Addendum 1_MCC23-01MCC23-01 Bid Results8/12/2022
MCC23-02Manchester Community CollegeSnow Removal Services1_Addendum 1_MCC23-02
2_Addendum 2_MCC23-02
3_Addendum 3_MCC23-02
MCC23-02 Bid Results8/26/2022
MCC22-02Manchester Community CollegeMaintenance Roof ProjectMCC22-02 Results12/23/2022
CHA23-03CCSNH System OfficeMarketing ServicesAddendum_1_CHA23-03CHA23-03 Bid Results12/9/2022
RVC23-01River Valley Community CollegeCampus Security-RVC23-01 Bid Results10/28/2022
CHA23-01CCSNH System OfficeEnterprise Budget Planning Solution*Addendum_1_CHA23-01
*CHA23-01 CCSNH Budget_and_Planning_Requirements
CHA23-01 Bid Results10/28/2022
LRC23-01Lakes Region Community CollegeUtility TractorAddendum_1_LRC23-01LRC23-01 Utility Tractor Bid Results1/20/2023
RVC20-03River Valley Community CollegeRoofingAddendum_1_RVC20-03RVC20-03_Bid Results2/13/2023
CHA23-02CCSNH System OfficeDelinquent Student Account Collection ServicesAddendum 1CHA23-02 Bid Results12/2/2022
LRC23-02Lakes Region Community CollegeKitchen HoodLRC23-02_Bid Results3/3/2023

For information on closed bids before 2019, please contact us.