Information sent via the CCSNH Incident Report Form
is not actively monitored

If you are reporting an emergency call 911
(Dial 9 first if using a campus phone)

CCSNH strongly encourages the reporting of crimes, accidents, incidents and emergencies to local authorities.  In situations where there is an immediate need to address the situation (e.g. an assault, a fire, a medical emergency, etc.) please call 911.   CCSNH Personnel should be notified immediately after the emergency authorities have been notified.

The above link can be used to report concerns and possible illegal activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  When reporting situations of concern, please feel free to provide your contact information, which would only be used for the purpose of obtaining additional information, as may be needed.  The providing of contact information is not required, therefore, if you wish to remain anonymous simply leave the contact information blank.