FAQs re: Earning a Nursing Bachelor’s Degree on a Community College Budget

How is this program different from other RN to BSN pathway programs?

This is a partnership between the Community College System of NH (CCSNH) and Granite State College (GSC). This is a “public pathway” just for NH graduates of any NH Community College Nursing program to enroll in GSC to continue their nursing education at the same cost per credit as their community college courses (currently $215 per credit).

Who is eligible to enroll in this new pathway program?

Individuals with an Associate of Science Degree in Nursing from any of NH’s Community Colleges are eligible to enroll – whether they graduated years ago or are current community college nursing students applying for this pathway.

How does the program work?

Students first complete an Associate Degree in Nursing from one of NH’s Community Colleges. Current community college nursing students and graduates of a NH Community College nursing program can apply to GSC for the BSN completion program.* 

In the associate degree program at the community college, students will have completed a program of study that is focused on the clinical and lab components and prepares graduates to take the NCLEX.  Successful completion of the associate degree and passing the NCLEX qualifies an individual to work as an RN.

Year 3 and 4, the BSN completion years, are designed for the convenience of working Registered Nurses.

Students take Year 3 of the RN to BSN program through their community college, with online and classroom-based options available. Year 3 courses focus on humanities and social science courses needed for the BSN.**

Year 4 is offered entirely online through GSC. Courses focus on nursing theory.** Although offered by GSC, Year 4 courses are charged at the community college tuition rate.

This BSN degree completion program is a total of 120 credits over four years, including the associate degree component and the Year 3 and 4 components.

Is financial aid available?

Financial aid is available for the associate degree phase of the program through CCSNH, with the same requirements as other associate degree programs.

There is financial aid for Year 3 at MCC, NHTI, LRCC and RVCC. At the present time, students attending WMCC, GBCC or NCC are asked to consult their nursing directors for advice on obtaining financial aid through a “consortium agreement” with one of the four community colleges currently offering financial aid.

Financial aid is also available for the fourth year from GSC.

How do I take the next step?

Students currently enrolled in a NH Community College Associate of Science degree in Nursing program or who already hold an ASN from a NH Community College should fill out this form and submit to their NH Community College. For additional questions, contact the Admissions Office at your home community college. Information is also available on the GSC website at https://www.granite.edu/degree-programs/bachelors-degrees/cssnh-nursing-partnership/

What else should I know?

Year 3 curriculum includes a course in critical inquiry which is offered through GSC only. However, students in the GSC RN to BSN pathway may take this course at no tuition cost. The course is offered online by GSC. The tuition waiver for this course is only available for students in the RN to BSN Public Pathway.

Who do I contact for more information?

Contact the Director of the Department of Nursing at the NH Community College campus closest to you or go to https://www.granite.edu/degree-programs/bachelors-degrees/cssnh-nursing-partnership/

* Final acceptance into the RN to BSN pathway is dependent upon successful completion of the Associate degree in Nursing program, passing the RN Licensing Test (NCLEX-RN) and being a nurse in good standing.

** Course listings are available from each college.