Our purpose is to provide residents with affordable, accessible education and training that aligns with the needs of New Hampshire’s businesses and communities, delivered through an innovative, efficient and collaborative system of colleges. CCSNH is dedicated to the educational, professional and personal success of its students; a skilled workforce for our state’s businesses; and a strong New Hampshire economy.


To maintain New Hampshire’s positive economic indicators, including low unemployment and high per capita income, NH will need 65 percent of adults with education beyond high school. CCSNH is committed to achieving this vision by 2025.

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Strategic Goals and KPI’s to meet Mission and Vision

In order to maintain and grow our improved rates of student completion and achieve 65 by 25, we need to meet our part of 65 by 25 for the state.

We will accomplish this by:

1. Assuring clear pathways for students to credentials that lead to continuing education and strong career prospects, secured through partnerships with industry, four-year universities and high schools.

2. Strategically meeting enrollment needs for the state, including addressing the unique needs of our rural communities. Meeting the needs of rural communities requires CCSNH to close equity gaps between metro areas and less densely populated parts of the state, where educational attainment and income levels are not nearly as high.

CCSNH will enable student success and academic operations in support of the above goals through strong financial operations and conscientious stewardship of our assets and resources.

We will accomplish this by:

3. Maintaining strong internal financial and facility controls and sustainability through sound budget, accounting, investment, and procurement operations.

4. Establishing CCSNH as an employer of choice.

5. Using data and technology to support our attainment goals.