Dual and Concurrent Enrollment Scholarships

Thanks to a program through the State of NH and the Community College System of NH, eligible high school students taking dual or concurrent credit courses (courses that earn both high school and college credit) through Running Start, eStart and Early College can take up to 2 courses per academic year for free.* 

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Student’s high school and/or school district must have a current and approved School Board Dual and Concurrent Enrollment Policy and a Dual and Concurrent Enrollment Agreement with CCSNH.
  • Courses must have been designated by CCSNH as eligible for funding through this program. Course eligibility has been expanded beyond STEM and CTE, and CCSNH is working over the summer to generate a list of newly-eligible courses. 
  • Students must be high school sophomores, juniors or seniors. Homeschooled students age 15 or older are eligible.
  • Students who meet all the eligibility requirements can register for the designated course free of charge.*

*Tuition-free.  There may be additional costs for textbooks/course materials.  Scholarships are subject to available funds.