No-Cost and Low-Cost Textbooks and Other Course Materials

CCSNH and the CCSNH Board of Trustees have identified the adoption of no-cost and low-cost educational resources, including Open Educational Resources (OER), as a system-wide priority. The advantages of increased use of open resources include lower course material costs for students, enhanced attainment of learning outcomes, improved student access to learning materials and greater flexibility for instructors to customize learning materials.


Support and encourage instructors to adopt, revise, create and share OER course materials that increase student learning and student access to high quality, innovative course materials at a substantially lower cost.


Open CCSNH imagines a future where educational materials are openly accessible to all CCSNH students at no or low cost, and where faculty have the resources they need to enhance student success through collaboration with each other and their students on open educational resources.

Open CCSNH Contacts on Each Campus

Each campus has representatives to the system’s OER taskforce as well as its own campus taskforce. Reach out to anyone on this list for more information and support.