Coordinators of Disability Services

Students with disabilities are expected to demonstrate the same level of understanding of course material and meet the same minimum skill performance standards as all other students receiving college credit. 

Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and 504 plans will not be applied to these curricula if college credit is being sought. In order to receive college credit, the curriculum must not be modified. 

Students in need of college level accommodations should contact the Coordinator of Disabilities Services (see below) at the college through which the course is being offered and submit appropriate documentation of their disability. After reviewing the documentation, the Coordinator will work with the student to develop a Reasonable Accommodation Plan. For best results, contact should be made early in the semester or, if possible, before classes begin. 

CoordinatorPhone Number
Email Address
Great Bay Community College
Karen Frisbie
(603) 427-7600 x
Lakes Region Community College
Jaime Laurent
Manchester Community College
Melissa Olson
Nashua Community College
Jodi Quinn
(603) 578-8900 x
NHTI – Concord’s Community College
Office of Accessibility Services
River Valley Community College
Nickole Milo
(603) 542-7744 x
White Mountains Community College
Helene Anzalone
(603) 752-1113 x