The Microelectronics Boot Camp, a 10-week hands-on career training at Nashua Community College, celebrated its 30th graduation Thursday, Nov. 16 with 8 new graduates.

“The Microelectronics program is one of the most unique programs that I have encountered. It has taken on a life of its own. This is due to the students and industry that has supported it,” said Jon Mason, director of Workforce Development at NCC. Mason thanked the students and their support network, industry partners, alumni, and community organizations such as MY TURN and the Front Door Agency, which together make the training possible.

“The skills you have learned in the past 10 weeks will serve you in any endeavor you choose to pursue,” said Lucille Jordan, president of NCC. Jordan addressed the graduates, and welcomed Senator Kelly Ayotte, who was an early supporter of the boot camp and spoke at the first graduation in 2016.

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