Why should employers use the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC)?

The NCRC is an evidence-based, industry-recognized, and nationally portable credential that helps employers anywhere in the United States determine whether individuals possess the skills commonly associated with success when entering employment, advancing to a new position, or starting a training program. The credential documents competence in essential work-related skills that are important across a wide range of jobs.

Why do individuals need The Certificate?

The NCRC is designed to complement other traditional credentials, such as a high school diploma, community college degree, or certificate of technical proficiency. While these educational credentials mark the fulfillment of an individual’s classroom learning experiences, The Certificate confirms competence in a specific set of workplace skills.

Why is The Certificate based on the Applied Mathematics, Graphic Literacy, and Workplace Documents?

ACT, the organization best known for college placement testing, has analyzed nearly 17,000 individual jobs across the country to determine the skills and skill levels needed to succeed in them. Findings indicate three skills that are highly important to most jobs:.

  • Applied Mathematics—applying mathematical reasoning to work-related problems.
  • Graphic Literacy—using information from such materials as diagrams, floor plans, tables, forms, graphs, and charts.
  • Workplace Documents—comprehending work-related reading materials, from memos and bulletins to policy manuals and governmental regulations.

How do employers use The Certificate in their hiring practices?

Many employers recommend that their job applicants have the National Career Readiness Certificate. Employers can incorporate NCRC into new job postings. For example, “The National Career Readiness Certificate is recommended for all applicants who apply for this position.”

How will I know credentials presented by applicants are valid?

All individuals who earn the NCRC can provide a certificate registration number that can be verified at www.nationalcareerreadiness.org.

How can Employers support the WorkReadyNH program?

The WorkReadyNH program was developed because employers across the state said they needed a pool of applicants with more consistent and reliable basic workplace skills.  Employers can support this program in the following ways:

  • Commit to offering an interview to every qualified job applicant who has earned a National Career Readiness Certificate. 
  • Participate in the soft skills training by sending hiring managers or other personnel to be guest presenters, giving job-seekers a direct perspective on what recruiters are looking for and what makes a successful job applicant. 
  • Contact a WorkReadyNH Coordinator at one of NH’s community colleges to learn more.

Are there any other requirements?

Successful candidates must be able to read at a 6th grade level

WorkReadyNH is an initiative of the Community College System of New Hampshire, the NH Department of Business and Economic Affairs, NH Works, and the NH Department of Employment Security and is funded through the NH Job Training Fund.

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