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2021 Class Schedule

Jan 4—Jan 22 Feb 8—Feb 26 Mar 8—Mar 26
Apr 5—Apr 23 May 3—May 21 Jun 7—Jun 25

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This flexible, tuition free course was designed specifically to help those in recovery build the skills necessary to re-enter the workforce. The engaging, easy to follow course can take one to three weeks to complete depending on your schedule. The 6 self-paced, interactive modules are coupled with 3 virtual classes scheduled at varying times throughout the week.

Topics Include

  • Self-Leadership
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Organization & Time Management
  • Getting Your Job Search Started
  • Personal Development

Earn a Bridge to WorkReadyNH Certificate!

Employers are looking for employees who have the desire to improve and continue to learn. Having the Bridge to WorkReadyNH Certificate to add to your resume shows employers you are committed to being a great employee.

What Do Participants Say?

“I learned that my past does not hold me back from having a future. There are options for me for continued education and even a career job as I have always wanted to be a lawyer; now I know that is an achievable goal. I want to start by working in a law office while I attend school.”

Laconia Participant

“The instructor and I were able to talk about the reasons why we procrastinate and I’ve taken a lot away from the lesson.”

Laconia Participant

“Gaps in my resume are a big reason why I fear most people who read my resume. Learning how to deal with that is going to be a great help as I move foreword in the job search.”

Laconia Participant

“Great content! I found there were skills that I had stopped using, and discovered skills I had not thought of. The format was critical in that it started with an overview and then drilled down into finer details as I moved on in the modules. The communication module, certainly was an excellent refresher, and there was a lot that has changed socially that I had not thought about. The collaboration module was also very interesting and engaging, I have worked in environments that were collaborative or claimed to be collaborative, after going through this module I am now better able to identify the challenges of collaborative work and I have a better understanding of collaborative versus Team. The personal development was really interesting, I liked how I had to identify values, and then narrow them down in to the more important and specific values to myself. Then to take those and actually make a personal Mission Statement was eye opening, that was an exercise I have never before done. I believe with that exercise I have a much deeper understanding of what is important to me and will be extremely beneficial in my career search.”

Luke T- successful participant

The NH Works for Recovery Program is 100% federally funded by the U.S. Department of Labor, by way of a $5 million award for the National Health Emergency Demonstration Grant through the NH Dept. of Business and Economic Affairs/Office of Workforce Opportunity

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