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Over 6,000 members of the NH Workforce served since 2011.

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If you are looking for a job, a new career path, or just looking to sharpen your communication skills, WorkReadyNH is the place for you.

Community Partnerships

Collaboration across Generations – Spaulding Students and Seasoned Employees from Laars Heating Systems Participate in WorkReadyNH. Click HERE to read the article

“Whole Person Development Initiative” – Portsmouth Naval Shipyard partnered with WorkReadyNH to help employees grow their careers. Click HERE to read the article

What is WorkReadyNH?

10th Anniversary October 2021

WorkReadyNH is a practical, tuition-FREE professional development program that builds the skills that help employees succeed in the workforce, and that NH employers highly desire:

➢ Soft Skills including effective communication, team building, problem solving, and decision making

➢ Essential Skills of adequate levels of reading, math, and locating information

See what New Hampshire’s staffing professionals say about WorkReadyNH

How it Works & What You’ll Learn

Online Classroom

Participate in a blend of live, interactive class and independent work. Learn and have fun in this simulated workplace setting to enhance and practice the powerful Soft Skills that employers want most.

  • Interviewing Techniques & Resume Styles
  • Active Listening & Communication Strategies
  • Team Building
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Business Ethics & Employer Expectations
  • Workplace Sensitivity
  • Customer Service
  • Safety in the Workplace

Online Independent Work 

Improve Essential Workplace Skills through online self-paced tutorials that include:

  • Reading Workplace Documents
  • Applied Math
  • Understanding Graphs and Charts

What you’ll DO during the course:

  • Understand your personal strengths and how to better use them
  • Improve problem solving
  • Engage in teamwork activities
  • Work effectively and efficiently
  • Develop and refine professional skills
  • Practice goal setting and time management
  • Sharpen essential workplace skills
  • Learn tips to create a more powerful resume
  • Boost interview skills


As part of the program you will be assessed on your ability to use soft skills and essential workplace skills to become a WorkReadyNH Graduate. 

What You’ll Earn

1WorkReadyNH Certificate

This credential from the Community College System of NH signals to employers that the graduate has gained the soft skills employers want most.

2National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC)

Issued by ACT, the NCRC is a portable, nationally recognized, evidenced-based credential that measures essential workplace skills and is a reliable predictor of workplace success. Certificate levels are tied to an extensive database of over 22,000 careers.

NCRC Levels of Achievement

3. WorkReadyNH Digital Badge

To learn more about the WorkReadyNH Badge please click here.

WorkReadyNH Graduates are…

  • Age – 16 – 80+ years old
  • Education – No high school diploma to Master’s and Ph.D.
  • Work Experience – No experience to 50+ years of experience from all job sectors
  • Employment status – unemployed, underemployed, fully employed

WorkReadyNH graduates come from all walks of life and are committed to their professional growth. Their most frequent comments are that they wish that the program was longer and that the #1 thing they gained from WorkReadyNH was CONFIDENCE!

Benefits to Job Seekers

Let employers know you have the skills they want and need!

  • Improve the skills employers want most
  • Update your resume and interview skills
  • Earn 2 certificates

Benefits to Employers

Build your workforce!

WorkReadyNH was developed after discussions with New Hampshire employers LIKE YOU who want to strengthen their workforce.  Companies want employees who can:

  • Read and apply workplace information
  • Analyze information to determine correct actions
  • Work together with coworkers to get the job done
  • Are effective and efficient in their jobs

Contact Us

This tuition-FREE program is available only to NH residents.

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Mission Statement

The mission of WorkReadyNH is to strengthen NH’s workforce through the dynamic delivery of high quality training and certification in essential workplace skills to benefit participants, employers, and the greater NH community.

In partnership with:

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