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Over 6,000 members of the NH Workforce served since 2011.

What is WorkReadyNH?

WorkReadyNH is a practical, tuition-FREE professional skills training program that builds the skills that help employees succeed in the workforce, and that NH employers highly desire.

This program was developed through discussions with NH employers with the goal of strengthening our workforce. The skills employers value most in current and potential employees are:

10th Anniversary
October 2021

Participate in a blend of live, interactive class and independent work. Our curriculum and instruction is designed to help you develop, practice, and apply workplace skills and strategies.

Learn and have fun in this simulated workplace setting to enhance and practice the powerful Professional Soft Skills that employers want most.

Advance through self-paced online tutorials to assess and improve Foundational Workplace Skills for effective job performance and career success across industries.

Then, measure and certify these skills using ACT’s National Career Readiness Assessments. Certificate levels are tied to an extensive database of over 22,000 careers.

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The advanced professional skillset, networking connections, and confidence that WorkReadyNH graduates develop is applicable everywhere, to everyone.

You must be at least 16 years of age, able to participate in the class in English, and a NH resident
If you aren’t a resident, but are a member of the NH workforce, please reach out!

What about it?? WorkReadyNH Graduates come from all walks of life:
AGES – 16 through 80+
EDUCATION – No high school diploma to Master’s and PhD
WORK EXPERIENCE – No experience to 50+ years of experience, and from all job sectors
EMPLOYMENT STATUS – unemployed, underemployed, and fully employed

Yes! There is no cost to you to attend, and we provide you with access to all our course materials.

The mission of WorkReadyNH is to strengthen NH’s workforce through the dynamic delivery of high quality training and certification in essential workplace skills to benefit participants, employers, and the greater NH community.

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