Eptam Plastics

Eptam Plastics

“Creating and maintaining a comprehensive training program for our manufacturing employees has continuously been a goal for our organization. While utilizing our in-house resources has been a focal point for training, we realized that for us to be most effective and efficient, we needed to look outside our organization. Earlier this year, we teamed up with NHTI to develop a Manufacturing Fundamentals course, which included Blueprint Reading, Metrology, Shop Math and Geometric Tolerancing. Creating this program allowed us to inject our own needs and requirements into the course, while still promoting the basic fundamentals at every level – all of which is delivered from the comfort and convenience of our facility. This experience has been a positive one for our team and we look forward to working with NHTI in the future.”
– Kerry Dubois, Human Resources Manager

Zyacorp, Inc.

BTC Meeting

“Having sent a few of our staff to NHTI for the Front Line Management and Customer Service programs, I thought it would be constructive to create a class for our additional 15 managers to incorporate topics that would best benefit our business. Teaming up with NHTI was great and a pleasure. The training focused on improving our customer service techniques, improving communication, building successful teams and motivating staff.  The instructors were all very informative and engaging. I would definitely like to work with NHTI again to cover an array of topics on best management practices and continue educating our management team.”
–Sherri D. Davis, Director of Operations

Globe Manufacturing Company

“Thank you for the Frontline Manager’s course. Even though I was a “prisoner” I found it very informative. I thought both of the instructors were very nice, passionate and knowledgeable. Their stories around the subject matter enabled me to tie the topics to real life experience.” – P. Bousquet

Health Profession Opportunity Project, Concord, NH

”Working with the Business Training Center at NHTI has been a great experience for HPOP. A few months ago I mentioned to Kelly Chisholm in the Business Training Center at NHTI that many of the participants in the Health Profession Opportunity Project could benefit from an English class geared towards individuals working in, or planning to work in, health care facilities. Kelly was very receptive to the idea, and the English for Health Science program was designed.

”Through this program, participants were able to learn medical terminology, practice verbal and written English skills, and develop confidence in their abilities as students in the United States. Kelly and her staff have also been very receptive to other ideas geared towards providing additional skills to individuals working in health care.” – Cheryl Marsh, Case Manager

Elektrisola, Inc., Boscawen, NH

”When my HR Manager volunteered me to attend the Front-Line Management Certificate Program I was interested but truthfully a little apprehensive. After having been in management since the last millennium and attending countless management training sessions I wondered what else could possibly be new? Well, after a few minutes of listening to Fred speak I knew this was going to be a new experience and by the end of the first session I was hooked.

”From the roles and challenges managers face to the work habits and priorities of today’s youth, to hiring styles and intuitive interviewing techniques as well as teamwork, motivation and communication skills – one size doesn’t fit all! – to critical thinking and how to recondition yourself to be an effective, just, and respected manager, Fred, Kelly, & Marty cover it all. The exercises, class participation, and even the homework are fun, stimulating, and offer reflection into the person you really are, and if you take it further using the advice and wisdom gleaned from the class you truly can turn yourself into a class-act manager.

”I highly recommend this to newly appointed supervisors and managers as well as those seasoned managers who think they’ve heard it all because things have changed since the last millennium and these real-world educated and charismatic instructors will help you to forge ahead.” – Nancy Hopper, Standards Compliance Administrator

NHTI, Concord’s Community College, Concord, NH

Jim Black

”I have been involved in public outreach, teaching and tutoring for several years but I was never formally trained in how to best present information to a group of people. After taking the Teaching/Training Certificate Program through the Business Training Center at NHTI, I have a better understanding of what it takes to connect with an audience and what tools and methods are available to be an effective speaker and instructor. Over only a few weeks you get a good understanding of how people learn and what really works to make learning an enjoyable process. The program is very interactive and the instructors truly want to make you a better presenter. I recommend the program to anyone who, like myself, is not formally trained but wants to help people really understand a subject.” – Jim Black, Adjunct Academic Advisor, Department of General Studies

Havenwood Heritage Heights, Concord, NH.

Sandy Brien

“Havenwood- Heritage Heights is focused on providing outstanding customer service. We are compelled to meet the changing expectations for excellence in all retirement living experiences that our customers demand. We are constantly making improvements as we strive to meet and exceed those desires.”

“Recently, four members of the Havenwood-Heritage Heights customer service leadership team completed the six week Customer Service Specialist Certificate program offered by The NHTI Business Training Center. The instructors, Betsy Burtis and Joyce Jamroz, shared tools, techniques and strategies to help us refine our in- house customer service initiatives. Although the program was not tailored to Havenwood-Heritage Heights, we received individualized attention that allowed us to apply the course content to our specific business needs. This was a great learning experience that will definitely add value to our organization.” – Sandy Brien, SPHR, Vice President of Human Resources, Havenwood – Heritage Heights

Maximum Results Realty, Barnstead, NH.


“I recently completed the “Teaching/Training Certificate Program” offered at NHTI’s Business Training Center and found the skills I gained in these sessions extremely valuable not only as an adjunct business faculty, but also as a local business owner responsible for employee training. The instructors were seasoned professionals from diverse content areas, which created a rich learning experience. The quality of what I deliver to my students and to my associates has greatly improved as a direct result of my participation in this program.” – Kelly Chisholm, Owner, Maximum Results Realty, Adjunct Faculty, NHTI

BRD Associates, North Hampton, NH.

Brian Moran

“It has become increasingly important for BRD Associates and our executive team to understand and fully convey to our customers and business prospects the functionality, web design and development capabilities of the evolving ASP.NET framework. Attending the ASP.NET course recently offered by NHTI’s Business Training Center has reinforced and further enhanced our ability to do so, using practical skills development and knowledgeable guidance.” – Brian Moran, VP and COO

Grappone Automotive Group, Concord, NH.

Claire Racine

“Teaming up with the NHTI was one of the best things we have done at Grappone Automotive Group. NHTI ran a series of management classes for about 25 of our managers over a six month period. The training focused on topics including supervision, communication, building a successful team, motivation, and many others. The instructors were very informative and kept the classes interesting so that the managers stayed focused and had some fun too! I would recommend these classes to any businesses looking to improve their work environment. Hats off to NHTI!” – Claire Racine, Human Resources Manager

New Hampshire Federal Credit Union, Concord, NH.

Michele Perry

“New Hampshire Federal Credit Union (NHFCU) considers training an important strategy for retaining and promoting qualified employees. Training is a must for us to compete in a highly competitive market, today and for years to come. NHTI Business Training Center has been a highly effective trainer in providing NHFCU staff tailored training in management and business writing skills. This partnership with NHTI Business Training Center has assisted NHFCU to continue to provide financial services in a highly competitive market here in New Hampshire by enhancing the skills needed to do so.” – Michele M. Perry, Executive VP

Concord Hospital, Concord, NH.

Kathy Belliveau

When Kathy took her new job as a team leader in the Diagnostic Services department at Concord Hospital, she was a bit apprehensive. “I had been in an office environment for over 20 years, but never in a leadership position,” she says.

She needed NHTI to upgrade her management skills-and quickly. Her supervisor suggested the Front Line Management course offered by NHTI’s Business Training Center. The results exceeded her expectations. “I learned so much,” says Kathy. “How to interview people; how to evaluate new employees during their trial period; and how to get the people to work together.

“We had a class from many different backgrounds. There was one man whose business was digging wells!” she says. “But the material was applicable to all types of businesses, and we learned an important lesson in team-building: that everyone’s viewpoint is valuable. I highly recommend this course . . . in fact, I already have!” – Kathy Belliveau

Northeast Delta Dental, Concord, NH.

Patrica Vaillancourt

“Northeast Delta Dental needed instruction in dental terminology and procedures for our Customer Service staff who come to us with a strong customer service background, yet no dental office experience. We sought help from NHTI. With input from their knowledgeable staff, paired with our experts in customer service, the training was customized for our employees and ready to offer in a short period of time. Taught by a qualified faculty member, this course trains our employees in the basics of dentistry. We feel the training is critical to maintaining our reputation for excellent customer service. We’re very proud of this partnership with NHTI.” – Patricia R. Vaillancourt, Director of Operations

Merchants Leasing, Hooksett, NH.

Donna Sarette

“The NHTI Business Training Center was a true partner with Merchants Leasing, a Division of Merchants Automotive Group, Inc., in providing Customer Service Essentials Training. They tailored a six-week program to our specific needs while reinforcing our Values and Mission statement. They introduced strategies to enhance our customer-centric philosophy. By benchmarking best practices, our team has increased overall customer satisfaction. This training was a win-win situation.”
– Donna M. Sarette, Director of Client Services