Early Childhood Education Tuition Assistance

Early Childhood Education Tuition Assistance

This grant program is available through a partnership with Granite State College and the Division of Children Youth & Families, Department of Health and Human Resources. Eligible students may receive assistance for one ECE Course per term. The goal of this program is to enable individuals working in the field to increase knowledge and skills, to obtain and maintain the NH Early Childhood Professional Credential. CCSNH students, working at least 25 hours per week in a NH licensed early childhood program are invited to apply.

Important Process Update!

Notification of award will be sent to eligible students via the email address provided on their application. Please include your active address when you apply! Student email address will be used if no other email address is provided. You may need to check your email span folder, depending on your individual security settings.

Available funding for this program has been awarded. New applications received by our office will be added to our waitlist. Interested individuals are still invited to apply. Status notifications will be made to individual applicants as we finalize awards for the Spring 2015 term.

Spring Awards

The Spring 2015 program runs from January 20th – May 11th. We will begin processing applications for the Spring awards December 1st.  Please be sure to use our current application located in the right-hand margin. It is important for you to complete every item. We need to know:

  • your position
  • the ages of the children you work with
  • the number of hours you work per week.

Don’t forget to obtain your director’s signature to verify your employment! Your signature confirms understanding of the rules connected to this program.

You are encouraged to apply early, as funds are limited.  Applications will be accepted through the end of the drop/add session for the term.  A waitlist-system will be utilized as needed.  If you fax a copy of your application to our office, please remember to also mail the original signed form to our office for processing.

We look forward to helping you as you work to expand your professional skills as you continue to fill important positions working with children and families.

The link on the right shows the eligible ECE courses available this term at each of our seven colleges. Applications are typically processed within 3 days. Including an email address helps us connect with you with questions or important information about this program. Please watch your email for messages from our office.  Award letters are mailed to eligible students and colleges are notified as awards are granted.

Eligibility requirements include:

  • employment in an approved NH licensed child care program
  • registration/participation in an approved ECE course

Award Details:

  • Tuition assistance awards are not based on financial need.
  • 100% tuition paid for the students first introductory ECE course:
    • Foundations of ECE
    • Growth & Development of the Young Child
    • Health Safety & Nutrition
  • Several specific courses including Infant & Toddler Development and Early Childhood Special Needs are also eligible for full tuition awards.
  • 50% tuition assistance for other ECE courses; non-ECE courses are not eligible for awards, even if they are required to complete your degree.
  • Students are responsible for all other expenses including tuition balances, books and comprehensive fees.
  • Apply each semester to be considered for this assistance. Applicants are eligible for only 1 award per semester.

Application Process:

  • Applications are processed each term, 6 weeks before courses begin through the end of the drop/add period for the term, or as long as funds are available.
  • Applications are processed in the order received by our office.
  • Original applications with both employer and student signatures are required. If you choose to fax a copy to our office, you must also mail the signed original application form.
  • Specific completion directions are included on the application form.

Program Specifications:

  • Award letters are emailed to eligible recipients indicating the approved course, the award amount, and instructions to ensure the award is applied to your student account.
  • Contact the Early Childhood Mentor to investigate and complete the application process and obtain your initial Early Childhood Professional Credential.
  • Recipients are obligated to maintain employment in the field of early care and education for three months post-course-completion. Individuals leaving the field will be required to repay the award funds received.
  • Recipients agree to participate in a short email survey.
  • Award letters do not guarantee placement in the course. Please register with your college after receiving notification of your award.
  • Students are required to complete the course funded through this program. Students dropping late assume the expense of the tuition cost awarded.

Also, be sure to check with the Financial Aid Office at your CCSNH College to see what other funds may be available to help offset your educational costs.