Protolabs is a digital manufacturer for custom prototypes and low volume production parts. The company provides industrial 3D printing, CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication and injection molding services to product developers and engineers worldwide.

After the company acquired its newest facility in Nashua and began expanding into sheet metal fabrication, Protolabs quickly realized it needed help finding qualified employees to support current and future growth. Protolabs partnered with Nashua Community College (NCC) to train students on the latest advanced manufacturing equipment, such as the Hass Machines, which are computer numerically controlled (CNC) automation machines that require operators to have specialized training.

Professional young scientists working with microscope and test tubes in chemical laboratory

The precision manufacturing program at NCC is committed to providing comprehensive, market-driven, quality programs that respond to the needs of students, communities and businesses like Protolabs. Students receive applied training in basic concepts of machine tool processes, and then move on to specialized areas of production machining, Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), CNC programming, setup and operation. NCC’s 5,000 square foot advanced manufacturing laboratory is equipped with machinery found in today’s cutting-edge manufacturing environment. Because of the donations of software, funding and new machines, NCC can graduate students who are work-ready on the latest technology in use at local companies such as Protolabs.

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