Nashua NH – Increasingly, short -term training programs are exactly what job-seekers are looking for to enter high-demand careers in the Granite State, and NH’s community colleges have been busy creating them.  For many, this is a direct route to employment in their communities because they have been developed in partnership with area businesses that are hiring.  

An example can be found at Nashua Community College, which has built upon its successful microelectronics bootcamp to create new offerings in different types of coding.  The 18-week programs  help students from all backgrounds gain the skills they need quickly and affordably so they can begin a career in software development.

“We have such a cross-section of people coming through; it’s truly a snapshot of our community,” said NCC’s Computer Training Coordinator Kim Eckenrode, “So far, we’ve welcomed students with no coding experience as well as students with computer science degrees looking to upskill.”

Because the program is 100 percent online, students across New Hampshire can enroll. Right now, the Boot Camps have students from Nashua through North Conway.

NCC’s has created two Coding Boot Camps, one focused on Front End coding, the other on Back End.

Back End: In the Back End Software Development program, students take three courses to learn the skills and technologies necessary to enter the industry as a Back End Software Developer, such as: Introduction to Java, Relational Databases with MySQL, and Web API Design with Spring Boot.

Front End: In the 18-week, Front End Software Development program, students take three courses to learn the skills and technologies necessary to enter the industry as a Front End Software Developer. Courses include: Introduction to JavaScript, Front End Technologies, and Web App Design with React.

The programs are hosted by NCC and powered by partner Promineo Tech. Promineo also builds in vocational skill development, such as mock interviews and resume writing.

How Coding Boot Camp classes work: Students meet online once a week, every Tuesday evening at 7 PM. In addition to the weekly class meeting, students meet once a week for a remote, 30-minute one-on-one with a mentor. Students start each academic week on Sunday and are required to watch all videos and start working on assignments/projects before their meeting online to be prepared.

To aid job seekers, the Boot Camps are WIOA-eligible. Eckenrode also works with My Turn, Inc. to enroll at-risk youth. The program has also struck a chord with women. “We’re at 50 percent women, which is great for a STEM program. We have more participation from women than what is typical for STEM programs,” she said.

The Boot Camps launched in fall 2020, and March 10 will mark the first graduation. Friend of the college and former Board of Trustee Chairman Jeremy Hitchcock has offered interviews at Mimin in Manchester for any graduate who completes the program. According to Eckenrode, students have already eagerly jumped at this opportunity.

“We are currently seeking to expand our partnerships with business to connect our students with internships, apprenticeships, and career opportunities,” she said.

Coding Boot Camps are currently available for enrollment through November 2021. Graduates who complete one Boot Camp can enroll in the other camp at a reduced rate to get the complete Front and Back End curriculum. 

Get Involved: Learn more at or contact Kim Eckenrode for more information, or to get a link to watch the March 10 virtual graduation on REMO, 603.578.8979 or

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