With steady growth since its launch in 1999, the Running Start program exceeded 10,000 course registrations last year, with more than 7,000 NH students taking at least one course for dual high school/college credit.   

With courses in more than 100 high schools across NH, Running Start is truly saving students thousands of dollars from the costs of college and giving them a head start on meeting college requirements. 

Besides the growth, Running Start has taken on added benefits to students.  While courses are still available in a wide variety of subjects, increasingly students can take sequences of courses that lead into accelerated degree completion in college majors like computer programming, welding, business studies, software development, computer science and medical assisting. 

Enrollment in Running Start courses grew this year by 32 percent. In part this is because the state of NH created a scholarship program that pays the costs for two STEM courses per year.  Courses in sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics not only help students get ahead but also support the development of a robust STEM workforce in NH once these students earn degrees and emerge as skilled professionals in high-demand fields.

Clearly, students and families are seeing the benefit in getting college credits before students complete high school, and getting a true Running Start on college and career.

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