Waivers and Scholarship Opportunities:

In addition to standard sources of federal and state-based financial aid and the waiver programs listed on this website, the Foundation for New Hampshire Community Colleges offers scholarships to help students afford a quality education. For more information on scholarships visit The Foundation.

Pursuant to RSA 188-F:15, if a person is domiciled in this state while serving in or with the armed forces of the United States and is, after February 28, 1961, reported or listed as missing, or missing in action, or interned in a neutral country, or beleaguered, besieged, or captured by the enemy during the Southeast Asian conflict, any child of such person, enrolled after March 23, 1972, in a community college system of New Hampshire institution shall, so long as said person is so reported, listed, interned, beleaguered, besieged, or captured, not be required to pay tuition for attendance at such school. Any person entitled to free tuition under this section shall apply to the community college system of New Hampshire institution he or she wishes to attend which may require such proof as deemed necessary in order for a person to qualify for free tuition under this section.

Pursuant to RSA 188-F:16, any New Hampshire resident under 25 years of age who enrolls in a Community College System of New Hampshire institution shall not be required to pay tuition for attendance at such school if he or she is the child of a firefighter or police officer who died while in performance of his or her duties and whose death was found to be compensable under RSA 281-A. Any person entitled to free tuition under this section shall apply to the Community College System of New Hampshire institution he or she wishes to attend, which may require such proof as deemed necessary in order for a person to qualify for free tuition under this section.

Eligible recipients as defined in RSA 193:19 are eligible for a waiver of tuition, and should contact the bursar’s office at the institution in which they are enrolled or enrolling for verification of eligibility and other requirements. In addition to this tuition waiver, scholarships are available for the sole purpose of contributing to the payment of board, room rent, books and supplies.  This scholarship program is administered by the postsecondary education commission of the NH Department of Education, pursuant to RSA 193:20.  Applications and awards are administered by the DoE.  Applications can be found at this link: https://www.education.nh.gov/who-we-are/division-of-educator-support-and-higher-education/higher-education/higher-education-scholarships-for-orphans-of-veterans

Effective July 1, 2021:  Section 188-F:15 I-a provides a tuition waiver for children of eligible NH Veterans who have been determined by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to be totally and permanently disabled from a service-connected disability.  Please see 188-F:15 I-a for eligibility and conditions.

Tuition Waiver for Children in State Foster Care or Guardianship or Guardianship After Being in State Foster Care.

Eligibility Requirements

An eligible individual who enrolls full-time or part-time, with the approval of DCYF, in a program leading to a certificate, associate, or bachelor’s degree at any public postsecondary institution within the state shall not be required to pay tuition or mandatory fees for attendance at such institution.

Applicant must be less than 26 years of age as of May 1st in the year that they are applying for a waiver, and qualify within one of the following categories:

  • In state foster care for the immediate 6-month period prior to his or her 18th birthday.
  • In state guardianship or custody at the time of his or her 18th birthday.
  • In guardianship, after being in state foster care or guardianship, at the time of their 18th birthday.
  • In placement out-of-state, through the interstate compact for the placement of children, at the time of their 18th birthday.

For additional information about this program, the application, and answers to frequently asked questions: https://www.dhhs.nh.gov/programs-services/child-protection-juvenile-justice/adolescent-program/paying-college

The Community College System of New Hampshire and the University System of New Hampshire can each grant up to 35 awards each year through this program. Applicants are encouraged to apply to colleges within both institutions to increase the likelihood of being selected for this tuition assistance. Students are required to apply for this assistance annually.


Beth Nee, M.Ed., Social Worker
Youth Engagement Specialist-Adolescent Program
Thayer Building - Division for Children, Youth, and Families
129 Pleasant Street
Concord, NH 03301
Phone: (603) 724-4487
Fax: (603) 271-4729

Teri Laflamme, College Access Programs Coordinator, Community College System of NH
Phone: (603) 230-3531

Each year in the fall the Governor’s Cup Robotics Competition is held.  High school seniors on the winning alliance of teams are eligible for waiver of the tuition costs for one semester of full-time study at any of the institutions in the Community College System of NH and the University System of NH (specific institutions are listed below).  To be eligible for the waiver, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) form.  The tuition waiver will be applied after any grants and scholarships the student receives.

For students enrolling at a NH community college:  The recipient will receive a waiver for tuition and tuition-related fees that exceed the amount of grants and scholarships awarded to the student. This means that the student will first apply grants and scholarships to the tuition cost, and any tuition balance remaining will be waived by the college. Tuition-related fees are fees that are directly tied to a course, for example lab fees and comprehensive fees. Examples of fees NOT related to tuition are housing, parking fine, late fee, conduct fine. Please direct questions to College Bursar’s Office.

Students must go through the regular admission process and be accepted by the institution.

The tuition waiver must be used within one year from the date of the competition.

To be eligible the student must have participated in that year’s Competition season and be participating in FIRST Robotics Competition season.

CCSNH Institutions:

  • Great Bay Community College
  • Lakes Region Community College
  • Manchester Community College
  • Nashua Community College
  • NHTI-Concord's Community College
  • River Valley Community College
  • White Mountains Community College

Eligible high school students taking dual or concurrent credit courses through Early College At Your High School, Early College Online, and Early College On a College Campus can take up to 2 courses per academic year for free.  Learn more about this opportunity on the Dual and Concurrent Enrollment Scholarships page.

CCSNH awards tuition waivers for one year of study (up to a maximum of 32 credits) to high school Valedictorians who are New Hampshire residents.  Valedictorian status is based on a cumulative grade point average and status shown on a transcript from a New Hampshire secondary school.  The year is defined as the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters, with a start date of any of the three and applied within one year from the time of first semester of matriculation.  The recipient must enroll as a matriculated student in a CCSNH college within 15 months from the time of secondary school graduation. The scholarship may be applied to tuition costs only at the student’s college of matriculation. To apply, students should log onto AwardSpring using their SIS login ID and password.  Students will need to upload a copy of their NH high school transcript showing Valedictorian status.  Applications will be reviewed prior to the start of the semester and award notifications are sent to the student’s CCSNH email address.

Pursuant to RSA 110-B:63, CCSNH waives tuition for eligible members of the NH National Guard.  Eligibility is determined and monitored by the Adjutant General. Students enrolling pursuant to this waiver start the process with the education officer at their Guard unit, who will work with each member to provide appropriate documentation.

A guard/reserve member called to active duty may receive a full rebate of tuition or full credit for the course(s) if the student meets all academic requirements.  In lieu of a full rebate, at the student's option, credit toward future tuition may be given if they re-enroll within three years. This is for one semester only.  Room, board and all other student fees and charges are prorated.  Guard/reserve members are also guaranteed a place in the course(s) upon return provided the course(s) still exist.

In recognition of the rigorous curriculum associated with the New Hampshire Scholars Program, the colleges of the CCSNH will offer scholarships, as defined below, to high school graduates who complete the program:

  1. Each CCSNH College will provide annually a $500 scholarship for up to 12 scholarships in high schools in its region for students who successfully complete the NH Scholars Program (max. cost = $6000).
  2. The scholarship will be applied to the first $500 of tuition and fees only at the CCSNH College awarding the scholarship. Scholarships are not transferrable to other CCSNH Colleges.
  3. To apply, students should log onto AwardSpring using their SIS login ID and password.  Students will need to upload either a copy of their high school diploma with the NH Scholars Seal, or a copy of the NH Scholars letter from the NHCUC.  Applications will be reviewed prior to the start of the semester and award notifications are sent to the student’s CCSNH email address.
  4. The scholarship is valid for one year following the student’s high school graduation date.
  5. While priority will be given to high schools within their regions, Presidents, at their discretion, may offer scholarships to students outside their respective regions.

A single scholarship (waiver) will be awarded to one graduate of each Police Standards & Training Academy and Corrections Academy who is a full time officer or state Correctional officer, for a value equal to 15 credit hours.

  1. To use the award, the recipient must enroll in credit bearing courses offered by the Community College System of New Hampshire.
  2. The recipient must use the scholarship within three years of its award.
  3. The tuition award will be good at any of the colleges of the Community College System.
  4. The award is non-transferable and is good only when applied against academic course charges. It may not be applied against college fees, books, etc.
  5. Each full-time student in the Academy will be eligible for the award providing that:
    • The officer is in the top six academically in the Academy class at graduation; and
    • The officer receives the consensus recommendation of the Academy staff.
  6. The Academy staff will make recommendation based, in addition to academic standing, on such factors as need, desire, and the officer's demonstrated capacity to be a successful police officer.
    • The recommendation of the staff is final. No appeal will be allowed.
    • The academy staff will recommend a recipient and a runner-up after the final class standing has been determined.
    • If the chosen recipient, does not graduate with the class, the runner-up will receive the award.

The Chancellor of the Community College System or designee will award the scholarship in person at the Academy graduation ceremony.

For residents age 65 and older, CCSNH will waive half the tuition cost of credit courses, on a space-available basis. Fees are not waived.

A $5,000 tuition scholarship is awarded to the winner in each category of the SkillsUSA Competition who matriculates into a CCSNH program.  The scholarship must be applied to a program that is related to a course of study specific to the winner’s competition skill area.  The award will be given to the first-place winner only when a minimum of five students compete in the skill category. The scholarship does not cover academic instruction fees, other fees, books, or supplies.

A $5,000 scholarship award is also available to competition winners from other states under the same guidelines and with official documentation.

The award must be used in the academic year following graduation from high school.  If a student has won the competition in two years, he/she will receive two $5,000 tuition scholarships and the awards must be used in the two academic years following high school graduation.  Exceptions to this time limit may be granted by the College President.