COVID-19 Safety Reporting Hotline

We are committed to establishing methods for maintaining safe and healthy learning and working environments conducive to providing quality programs and services while mitigating concerns and unsafe conditions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a member of the CCSNH community, you are asked to report any concerns regarding learning or working conditions related to COVID-19, such as cleaning and disinfection, hygiene, personal protective equipment, and social distancing measures. To assist with the reporting of COVID-19 related concerns, CCSNH has established a toll free phone line 1-833-701-0665 and on-line safety reporting form. Communications made through the use of the phone line or the online form are anonymous; however, should you choose to identify yourself, your report will remain confidential.

Thank you for your assistance in promoting a safe and healthy environment for our learning and working communities. If you have any questions related to reporting COVID-19 concerns, please contact Jason Bishop, CCSNH Director of Risk Management, 603-230-3516.

Report Campus-Related COVID-19 Concerns

Student Social Compact

As members of this campus community, we face a serious public health situation that requires a new level of awareness and caution in our daily lives. As a caring community, we understand that our health and safety depend on how well we take care of ourselves and each other. As a member of this community I promise to responsibly protect my health and the health of others. I make these efforts to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other risks to our community’s health and to best preserve the learning opportunities available to me as a student at this college.

CCSNH COVID-19 Student Social Compact