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Review Types

The CCSNH IRB reviews all research with human participants, regardless of risk or type. Most applications are minimal or no risk and undergo a designated review process. This enables us to review proposals in a timely manner. Applications with minimal or more risk may require multiple reviewers or full committee review and therefore require a longer review period. Applicants should plan accordingly.

  • Exempt from Review – Certain projects, such as those that involve only survey, questionnaire or interview procedures and anonymous participation may be categorized as no risk and may be exempt from review. The IRB determines if an application meets the exempt criteria. No research with participants under age 18 can be exempt.
  • Expedited Review – Applications that involve no more than minimal risk to human subjects may be eligible for an expedited review by the IRB administrator or chair. The categories of research that may be reviewed through an expedited review procedure can be found here (Links to an external site.)
  • Full Committee Review – Applications that involve more than minimal risk or those in which the identity of participants is at risk require a full IRB board review.