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Recruitment of Research Participants

Recruitment of research participants can be done in many different ways depending on the desired population, risks, and need for anonymity or confidentiality of participants and their data. Research investigators may choose to set up tables, recruit online, hang flyers, or partner with an outside organization to aid recruitment. Psychology students may also use the Psychology subject pool.

Tabling – Researchers set up a table in a common area to attract participants. Data collection is often done through pen and paper surveys. Online data collection may also be used at the table with a laptop, tablet or mobile device. Consent or disclosure is usually done in person unless the survey is online in which case the disclosure must precede the online survey (see below for more information).

Online – Researchers recruit participants online using social media posts which direct participants to an online survey. A disclosure statement must precede the survey. Surveys are most often anonymous. A copy of the recruitment statement must be included with the IRB proposal in the section on research participants or uploaded as an attachment to the section on data collection instruments.

Recruitment Collaboration – If the research will partner with a secondary organization, recruitment may be done by the partner through emails, direct mail, flyers, or announcements. If the research will assure anonymity of participants and data, the collaborator should not share emails or mailing information with the principal investigator as these are considered personally identifiable information. The letter of agreement with the secondary organization should explicitly state the organization’s intent to assist in the recruitment of participants for the research (research provisions).

Flyers – Researchers often hang flyers to recruit participants to their study. In order to hang any research recruitment poster on campus, permission must be obtained from each campus. A copy of the recruitment flyer must be uploaded to the IRB proposal as an attachment to the section on data collection instruments.

  • Poster must contain:
    • IRB Approval Date
    • Clear research title
    • Any limiting criteria
    • Brief description of the voluntary research project
    • Researcher name and contact information
    • Faculty Advisor name and contact information (if applicable)
    • CCSNH IRB contact information
    • Information on how to participate in the project and time commitment for participation
  • Flyers must also conform to the student involvement and activities posting policy for each campus.