CCSNH Colleges And Programs

College Contact Person

If your project is restricted to one campus, please contact the following representative for more information. If your project includes more than one CCSNH campus, please follow the procedures on the home page.

Great Bay Community College
Aimee E. Huard (IRB Chairperson)
Professor and Chair, Social Science Department      
Phone: 603-427-7673

Lakes Region Community College
Cathy Kubec
Professor of Nursing
Phone: 603-366-5347

Manchester Community College
Jere Turner
Mathematics & Institutional Research Director
Phone: 603-206-8165

Nashua Community College
Jayne Barnes
Professor and Chair Social, Educational and Behavioral Sciences
Phone: (603) 578-8970

NHTI – Concord’s Community College
Dan Shagena
Professor of Mathematics
Phone: (603) 271- 6484 ext. 4307

River Valley Community College
Rich Andrusiak
Chair and Professor of Mathematics
Phone: 603-542.7744 x5437

White Mountains Community College
Suzanne Wasileski
Institutional Researcher
Phone: 603-342-3010