The Two New Hampshires - What does it mean?

The Two New Hampshires - What does it mean?



NH MapThere has been significant mention in studies and reports of “Two New Hampshires,” differing from one another in demographic and economic indicators. New Hampshire’s southeastern counties are economically linked to the Boston metropolitan area because of proximity, shared labor market, and industry connections. The more rural northern and western NH counties differ significantly with their own set of demographic and economic indicators. The “Two New Hampshires” present challenges and also opportunities to strategically focus efforts to support a strong, economically vibrant state.

The differing factors of rural and metro New Hampshire are suggestive to those of us concerned with economic development and the role of postsecondary institutions in the State. The Two New Hampshires - What does it mean? White paperThe data – presented in White Paper downloadable from this webpage - shows important differences between rural and metro NH. It also suggests that different approaches to economic development and education in the two regions are needed.



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