New Hampshire’s Community Colleges are holding open the door that leads to a world of possibilities.
You want to pursue a college education, and we want to help. Each year hundreds of students begin at one of NH’s community colleges on a transfer pathway that leads to a 4-year college or university, incluing those within the University System of New Hampshire.
You don’t need to wait or delay your plans. Our advisors work with you to plan course selections that will most seamlessly transfer. You can get a great start, explore program options, and enjoy a college experience locally and conveniently. Oh, and what else? You can save thousands of dollars by starting your education this way. That means savings now, and less student loan debt in your future.  
Check out the community college nearest you to learn about programs, extra-curricular opportunities, and transfer opportunities.
  • Ask about DualNH, the seamless pathway between NH’s community colleges and the institutions within the University System of NH (UNH, Keene, Plymouth State and Granite State)
  • Learn about the many other transfer agreements for specific majors
  • Get information about housing options once you transfer 
  • Explore what the community college offers, like expert, real-world faculty, connections to area employers, clubs and organizations, and a supportive learning environment
  • Learn about the free and easy NH Transfer Application

Open your door to a new pathway today by clicking on the community college of your choice to learn how you can enroll!




Discover Your Path!

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