River Valley Community College helps National Field Representatives employees fill their toolbox

River Valley Community College helps National Field Representatives employees fill their toolbox

August 17, 2016

River Valley Community College helps National Field Representatives employees fill their toolbox

Claremont, NH - National Field Representatives, headquartered in Claremont, believes a good way to meet the needs of developing additional skills in their new employees is by partnering with River Valley Community College (RVCC) to train employees with beneficial skills that are used in the workplace.

National Field Representatives (NFR) takes care of properties while in foreclosure. Many of their new employees are coming from retail or other sectors and for some, this is their first office job. RVCC has worked with NFR in providing training focusing on customer care, email etiquette, phone etiquette, soft skills training and other office environment training.

“Most students walked away with something that would benefit their performance and interactions at NFR. Learning about effective communication tools to use with their peers and managers was mentioned by most of the students as one of the most important things they learned,” said Linda Stitt, training and audit manager at NFR. “They also enjoyed the flow of the class, activities and practice that centered on the discussion topics. Overall, all attendees thought that this training was well worth their time.”

Like most of the other non-credit training offered at RVCC, the intent of this program is to help enhance the skills of high-potential workers who may have recently changed career paths, or are just entering the professional office environment for the first time.

“We believe that the model NFR is using to attract and develop employees in a tight labor market is a very smart move that helps people expand their horizons, opportunities and earning potential. Partnering with NFR to conduct this type of training, led by our RVCC Workforce Development Training Coordinator, Gregg Solovei, was a natural fit for RVCC and we look forward to repeating this program on an as-needed basis for NFR,” said Ali Rafieymehr, vice president of academic affairs at RVCC.

Employees spend two days in a classroom style new employee orientation and then embark on department training, which involves both classroom and side-by-side training. Many topics are covered through NFR’s electronic learning management system along with selected topics that are classroom style, lasting a few hours at a time.

“The instructor, Ellie Cook-Venezia, did a great job of getting to know NFR before customizing the training materials. This was extremely valuable to her and to our students because she was able to present training content in a way that was familiar to the students,” Stitt said.

About National Field Representatives

National Field Representatives, Inc. has built its reputation on more than 30 years of proven experience in Mortgage Field Services. Headquartered in Claremont, NH, the company has built one of the strongest national networks of pre-screened, pre-qualified contractors in the field services industry. Managed by their experienced staff, this network and our service offerings are structured to easily adjust to diverse requirements of mortgage servicers nationwide.

About River Valley Community College

River Valley Community College is one of seven colleges in the Community College System of New Hampshire, offering thirty-nine associate degree and certificate programs in Claremont, Keene, Lebanon, and Online. Financial Aid and Scholarships are available. The seven community colleges in the system are committed to working with businesses throughout the state to train and retain employees to develop a robust workforce across all sectors and embraces the "65 by 25 Initiative," which calls for 65% of NH citizens to have some form of post secondary education by 2025 to meet future workforce demands.