CCSNH Policies & Procedures - Educational Leave With Pay

CCSNH Policies & Procedures - Educational Leave With Pay


Policy Details  
Section: 300 – Human Resources Subject: Professional Development & Training
Policy: Educational Leave With Pay Policy Date Approved: July 24, 2008
Policy #: CCS 372.1.04 Date of Last Amendment: July 23, 2008
Approved: Richard A. Gustafson, Chancellor Effective Date: August 1, 2008

A. Any employee who shall have completed six (6) or more years of full-time employment with the State of New Hampshire, four (4) of which must be with the Community College System, will be eligible to apply for educational leave with pay. Their approved Individual Professional Development Growth Plan must be on file with the System or institution President showing the individual's ultimate objective and previous progress made toward the indicated goal.

B. The employee must have a consistent record of satisfactory job performance in their current position.

C. The employee shall be engaging in an educational endeavor directly related to his/her approved Individual Professional Development Growth Plan, which will provide long range benefit to the Community College System as well as the individual.

A. The individual will earn his/her increment and longevity benefits, but is not entitled to accumulate annual or sick leave;

B. Health Care and Life Insurance benefits will be continued in the normal manner;

C. Retirement deductions will be continued at the individual's normal percentage rate on the salary being paid during the leave time.

A. The employee shall file a written application at least six months prior to the commencement of the proposed educational leave with pay. The application must include the purpose for the requested leave, the dates of the requested leave, the expected results, and the benefits of the leave to the employee's professional development and the institution. Applications for educational leave with pay shall be routed through the employee's supervisor and College President for college personnel and to the Director of Human Resources and Chancellor for system office professional staff and college presidents.

A. The immediate supervisor and the President will make recommendations regarding the requested leave and provide assurance that the essential services related to the individual's position will be maintained during the individual's absence; and there will be no increased cost to the System as a direct result of the leave being granted.

A. Approved applications for educational leave with pay must be submitted to the CCSNH Human Resources Office for submission to the Chancellor for final review and approval by the Chancellor.

B. Upon receipt of final approval, the employee shall complete and submit the CCSNH Educational Leave Agreement. This agreement sets forth the obligations of the recipient of an educational leave with pay.

These policies may be amended at any time, do not constitute an employment contract, and are provided here only for ease of reference and without any warranty of accuracy.