Orientation and Registration

Orientation and Registration

Registration for online courses opens approximately one month before the beginning of each semester and the summer term. A full list of courses may be accessed on the CCSNH Online Learning web pages.

Textbooks can be ordered at eFollett online or in person at the college.

Before registering for an online course, students should make sure they meet all of the criteria for taking the course (prerequisites, testing, etc.). Students are urged to work with an academic advisor at the college before choosing a course.

In addition, students are encouraged to complete the Student Orientation to Online Learning.

Students who have previously registered at the college may register and pay online through the college's Student Information System (SIS). New students must register by downloading the registration form at the website of the college offering the course.

One hundred percent online courses are open to any student who meets the qualification for registration. Prior to registering for a 100% online course, the student must follow and meet all criteria as defined by the policies of the college offering the course.