Where Are They Now? Ken Mazzochi

Where Are They Now? Ken Mazzochi

Ken Mazzochi, NHTI Class of 1987,   Mechanical Engineering Technology (high honors)

General Manager, TURBOCAM Inc. (TAPS Division)
Earned B.S in Mechanical Engineering Technology from the University of New Hampshire and MBA from Plymouth State University

Ken grew up in challenging circumstances and was an average C- student in high school, graduating from Mascoma Valley School District in Enfield. 

After high school, with encouragement from his step-father, Ken enrolled in the “pre-tech” program at NHTI.  In order to pay his college tuition, Ken held multiple part-time jobs, painting, housekeeping and working in a machine shop.

Ken arrived at NHTI with many challenges to overcome, but found a supportive environment and a sense of purpose. 

“At the end of my first year at NHTI, my whole life started to change,” Ken said.  “There were great possibilities.”

In 1987, Ken graduated – with high honors – with a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology.  He immediately started at UNH, working on his bachelor’s degree.  Although there were challenges such as much larger classes and less access to his professors, it was while he was at UNH that Ken had the life-changing experiences of becoming a Christian and meeting his future wife, Lisa. The two have been married for 21 years and have two children.

After his graduation from UNH, Ken worked for Textron Automotive in Farmington, NH.  He began as a process technician and was eventually promoted to development engineer.  Ken went back to school to earn his Masters of Business Administration from Plymouth State College.  He worked as an engineering manager at Park Nameplate in Dover for five years before being hired as the general manager of TURBOCAM.

Ken oversees the automotive division, the largest part of the company.  There are 135 people in Ken’s group, generating more than $60 million in annual sales.  Every day is different than the day before.  In his role, Ken oversees the big picture, interacting with managers, employees, suppliers and customers.

“Manufacturing can be a tough environment,” Ken explains.  “At TURBOCAM, we are excellent at what we do.  We create a place where people are truly valued.”

“I cannot say enough about NHTI,” Ken says. “It was a fantastic experience for me. There are fewer students per teacher which makes it more personable. If you are more of a hands-on individual this is a better choice. Lower cost, more personable and a great value for 2 year education are a few things to consider. My son, who is a mechanically bright person, will most likely go to NHTI.”