Program Offers High School Students College Credits and a “Running Start”

Program Offers High School Students College Credits and a “Running Start”

CCSNH Running Start

How can high school students, and their families, save thousands from the cost of a college education?  By taking NH community college courses in their high schools, for dual HS and college credit.  Students who take advantage of Running Start can begin college with a semester or more of coursework already completed, saving money and shortening the time it takes to earn a degree. 

Running Start is a partnership between the Community College System of NH and high schools to give students the opportunity to take college courses while also completing the requirements for high school graduation.

Last year, more than 5,000 high school students enrolled in CCSNH college courses at NH high schools and adult education centers across the state.

At $150 per course, Running Start enables students to earn college credits at a fraction of the costof college tuition. Students can gain experience with college level coursework and expectations.  Credits can be transferred to many other colleges and universities beyond CCSNH.  In fact, colleges that have accepted Running Start course credits include, in addition to NH institutions:

American University 
Bentley College
Boston College
Bucknell University
Endicott College
George Washington University
Johnson & Wales 
Norwich University
Penn State
St. Lawrence University
Syracuse University
University of Connecticut
And many more

If you have a high school age child, or know a family that does, encourage them to look into CCSNH courses through the Running Start program! 

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