Meet some of our military/Veteran students: Chad

Meet some of our military/Veteran students: Chad


Chad is from Somersworth, NH. He served for 4 ½ years in active duty that included a tour to both Afghanistan and Iraq. He then served 2 years in the National Guard in his wife's home state of Iowa, before returning to NH and enrolling at Great Bay.

Chad chose Great Bay in part because it was near where he grew up, and he had always planned to return home after his military service.

“I chose Great Bay because I like the culture of a community college over traditional four year colleges. I found that when researching before I made my decision that the Community College had a lot more instructors in my program that were currently still in the field of study, which brings a much needed perspective outside of what our books may say,” reflected Chad. “They offered the ability to have insight into things that the books couldn't keep up with, such as changes to the law or certain protocols in the field of study, and also a lot of real world experience. I'm kind of living my future plans, as I recently signed with the Somersworth Police Department. Besides that I am just excited to learn all that I can and plan on learning as much as possible. In the future I will continue my education.”

Favorite book: Tie between Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and The Hobbit