Bruno Soares, NCC class of 2012

Bruno Soares, NCC class of 2012

Bruno Soares NCC class of 2012

Courage takes many forms.  In the case of Bruno Soares, courage is a young man who chooses to leave behind all that is familiar to pursue a dream - a dream to practice law in a democratic country that believes in the power of citizens to affect positive change.

Bruno immigrated to the United States from Brazil in 2007.  By 2009, after attending NCC’s “Get on the Bus” outreach  and recruitment event, he realized his dream was within reach.  It was a difficult journey due to the language barrier, but with determined spirit and the support of faculty and staff, Bruno succeeded and earned an Associate degree in Paralegal Studies.

His dream almost came to a halt this summer due to the financial burden of education. However, timing and good fortune were on his side. Andrew Leitz, a Trustee of the University System of NH, had recently established a President’s Scholarship fund for students seeking an affordable pathway to a baccalaureate degree.  Bruno is among the first recipients of these funds. This fall, Bruno began his bachelor’s degree at GSC in business studies.

And while he plans eventually to work as an attorney, Bruno also intends to volunteer his time helping immigrants with the transition to life in the United States.

Bruno’s future?  A Bachelor’s degree, then law school, undoubtedly.  A life of activism and service, most certainly.