November 2012

What do a US Marine lieutenant colonel, a community college instructor in sports management, and an Afghan-born American Hollywood film actor have in common? The answer is in a book entitled Fahim Speaks: A Warrior-Actor’s Odyssey from Afghanistan to Hollywood and Back.

Tim has served four years in the New Hampshire Army National Guard. He deployed to Kuwait and Iraq in 2010-2011 with New Hampshire’s own 197th Fires Brigade. He continues to serve with two years remaining in his current enlistment, and believes that he will then re-enlist.

Tim chose MCC because he now lives in Manchester, his National Guard unit drills in Manchester and he wanted to stay local.

Chad is from Somersworth, NH. He served for 4 ½ years in active duty that included a tour to both Afghanistan and Iraq. He then served 2 years in the National Guard in his wife's home state of Iowa, before returning to NH and enrolling at Great Bay.

Chad chose Great Bay in part because it was near where he grew up, and he had always planned to return home after his military service.

Elizabeth joined the reserves in 2002 and went to basic training in South Carolina between junior and senior year of high school.  After coming home to complete her senior year, she went to Texas for four months to complete combat medic training. She did three years of active duty in Fort Benning, Georgia and is currently attached to a reserve unit in Portsmouth.

Jim graduated high school in Newport, NH in 1995 and enlisted in the Marine Corps. He signed up for a four-year enlistment as a construction engineer, and then remained in the Marine Corps Reserves, stationed at Fort Devens until 2001 when he signed up for another four-year enlistment, this time as a Combat Engineer. He served on many deployments and did a tour in Iraq in 2003.

Jim left active duty in 2005 and started his own construction business. Then, in 2008 he joined the Army as a Drill Sergeant attached to a reserve unit in Londonderry, NH.