Bid # College Bid Description Addendum Results Closed
RVC19-02 RVCC Parking Lot Re-Paving Addendum 01 RVC19-02 04/16/2019
CHA19-03 SYSTEM Producer Services For Property and Casualty Insurance Insurance Summary Appendix B Fred C Church Insurance 03/01/2019
GBC19-01 GBCC Replacement Boiler Addendum 01 GBC19-01 03/19/2019
CON19-03 NHTI NHTI Institute Drive Drainage and Campus Sidewalk Improvements

Addendum 01

Addendum 02

Addendum 03

Addendum 04

CON19-03 03/19/2019
CHA19-02 SYSTEM Customer Relationship Management Services   Target X 10/16/2018
CHA19-01 SYSTEM Chancellor's Office Data Center Power Cooling Project

Addendum 1

Addendum 2

CHA19-01 02/19/2019
CON19-02 NHTI Dell Precision 3630 Towers   CON19-02 11/13/18
CON19-01 NHTI Articulated Wheeled Loader Addendum 01 CON19-01 11/02/18
RVC19-01 RVCC Snow Removal Services Walk Through Sign In RVC19-01 11/09/2018
MCC19-02 MCC Day Care Center Services with Lab School for ECE

Addendum 01

Addendum 02

Debbie Booker 8/7/2018
NCC19-01 NCC Operation of Food Service Pre-Proposal Sign In Celebrations Catering 07/30/2018
WMC19-02 WMCC Child Development Center Feasibility Study   La Piana Consulting 07/27/2018
WMC19-01 WMCC Forestry Services   No Respondents 07/24/2018
CON18-05 NHTI Campus Painting Atendee List Arch Painting Inc. 6/21/2018
NCC18-02 NCC Food Service Delivery Program

Questions & Answers

Sign In Sheet

No Respondents 06/22/2018
MCC19-03 MCC Rubber Tile Flooring & Installation   MCC19-03 09/18/2018
LRC18-02 LRCC 4x4 Utility Work Machine with Road Package   LRC18-02 6/8/2018
WMC18-01 WMCC Two Sport Utility Vehicles Addendum 1 WMC18-02 5/29/2018
WMC18-01     Trade In Photos    
CON18-04 NHTI Three Issues of NHTI Schedule Mailer Addendum 01 CON18-04 6/07/2018
CON18-03 NHTI CCSNH-NHTI Roofing Project Bid and Construction Documents CON18-03 5/17/2018
CON18-03 NHTI   Addendum 1    
RVC 18-02 RVCC Lawn Care Services Walk Through Sign-In Sheet Granite State Lawn Care 5/18/2018
GBC18-02 GBCC X-Ray Detector for Nondestructive Testing   Willick Engineering 2/20/2018
CON 18-02 NHTI Residence Hall Furniture   Savoy Contract Furniture 4/4/2018
CON18-01 NHTI 4x4 Utility Tractor with Skid Steer Quick Attach Loader   No Qualified Respondents 3/23/18
CHA18-02 SYSTEM Fleet Copier Lease,Maintenance,Print Management Services   Toshiba Business Solutions 1/5/2018
GBC18-01 GBCC Snow Removal Services   North Atlantic Snow Service 09/27/2017
RVC18-01 RVCC Custodial Services   No Respondents 12/28/2017
NHTI18-86 NHTI Custodial Services   NHTI18-86 11/03/17
MCC18-01 MCC Cafe Services   Tidewater  Catering 09/07/17
MCC18-02 MCC Skid Steer Loader Snow Removal Equipment Lease/Purchase   MCC18-02 10/20/17
CHA18-01 SYSTEM Energy Consultant Services   Freedom Energy Logistics 9/12/2017
CHA17-03 SYSTEM Learning Management System Addendum 1 CHA17-03 9/19/16
CHA17-09 SYSTEM ApprenticeshipUSA-NH Workforce Development Technical Assistance   CHA17-09 7/12/2017
CHA17-08 SYSTEM ApprenticeshipUSA-NH Marketing Services Q & A CHA17-08 06/02/2017
CHA17-07 SYSTEM ApprenticeshipUSA-NH Diversity Partner Contract Q & A CHA17-07 06/02/2017
NCC18-01 NCC Micro Market Vending Services   E&G Vending Company 8/4/2017
LRC17-01 LRCC Food Service   Countdown Cafe 9/12/16
CHA17-04 SYSTEM Marketing Services Addendum 1 Q&A EVR Advertising 12/8/2016
      Addendum 2  Existing Contract    
      Addendum 3    
      Addendum 4    



Term Agreements for Architectural and Engineering Services




NHTI17-85 NHTI Fire Alarm Testing-Fire/Security Sytem Monitoring   NHTI17-85 5/5/17
MCC17-01 MCC Waste Reomoval Services Addendum 1 MCC17-01 06/19/2017
CON17-06 NHTI Dell Workstation   CON17-06 7/5/2017
NCC17-04 NCC Dell Computer Purchase/Lease   NCC17-04 6/19/2017
CON17-05 NHTI DCE Mailer   CON17-05 06/29/2017
LRC17-03 LRCC Student Apartment Furniture   LRCC17-03 6/7/17
NHTI17-83 NHTI Fire Sprinkler System Inspection and Service   NHTI17-83 4/28/17
NHTI 17-84 NHTI Door Lock Repair Service and Materials   NHTI 17-84 04/26/17
CON17-04 NHTI Residence Hall Furniture   CON17-04 03/31/17
RVCC17-01 RVCC Cafeteria Services   RVCC17-01 11/22/2016
CHA17-05 CCSNH Independent Audit Services   CHA17-05 01/06/2017
CON17-01 NHTI Dell Computers and Monitors   CON17-01 12/02/16
WMCC17-01 WMCC Financial Feasibility Reporting   WMCC17-01 09/24/16
NHTI17-82 NHTI Rebuild Elevators   NHTI17-82 10/31/16
NCC17-02 NCC Vertical Milling Machine   NCC17-02 09/22/16
NCC17-01 NCC Furntiture   NCC17-01


CHA17-01 CHA Grant Writing Services   CHA17-01 07/22/16
CON16-06 NHTI NHTI DCE Mailer   CON16-06 06/24/16
RVC16-04 RVCC Robotic Training Carts   RVC16-04 06/24/16
RVC16-03 RVCC 3D Printers Addendum 1 RVC16-03 06/24/16
RVC16-02 RVCC CNC Lathe Addendum 1 RVC16-02 06/24/16
SYS16-06 CHAN IT Professional Services Q & A SYS16-06 05/27/16
NHTI2016-80 NHTI  Floor Installation Services     6/23/16
    Walk Through: Available June 13, 2016 @ 9:30 am      
CON16-05 NHTI IT Professional Services     5/27/16
GBC16-03 GBCC Print Solution   Toshiba Business Solutions 4/21/16
SYS16-03 CHAN Producer Services - Insurance Appendix B USI  3/18/16
    Workers Compensation Claims Trends Claims Trends    
    Commercial Package Policy - Loss Runs Loss Runs    
SYS16-04 CHAN Strategic Project Management for Guided Pathways     2/19/16
SYS16-05 CHAN Project Management for NGA Policy Academy on Work Based Learning   Tanna Clews


CHA16-01 CHAN Grant Writing, Review & Evaluation Services     9/22/15
NHTI15-77 NHTI Commencement Tent & Accessories Rental   Christian Party Rental 8/3/15
    MANDATORY Walk Thru 07/20/15 @ 10:00 AM      
    MANDATORY Walk Thru 05/22/15 @ 9:00 AM Walk Thru Sign In Sheet    
NHTI15-76 NHTI Trash Removal   Casella Waste Systems 4/24/15
WMC15-03 WMCC Early Childhood Initiative Project Evaluator     4/2/15
GBC15-02 GBCC Cardio Equipment Lease     3/27/15
CHA15-02 CHAN Grant Writing Services US Dept of Labor Notice   3/6/15
RVC15-09 RVCC Grant Writer & Post Award Implementation     1/16/15
RVC15-08 RVCC Vehicle Lease     1/6/15
RVC15-06 RVCC Printer Lease or Purchase Q & A   12/15/14
NCC15-01 NCC Third Party Project Management Services Addendum 1 TST & Associates LLC 11/6/14
RVC15-04 RVCC Snow Removal - Keene Academic Center     9/19/14
    MANDATORY Walk Thru: Friday, 09/12/14 @ 9:00 AM (Keene)      
RVC15-03 RVCC Toolroom Mill & Accessories     9/10/14
RVC15-02 RVCC Snow Removal     9/2/14
    MANDATORY Walk Thru: Friday, August 22, 2014 @ 9:00 AM      
MCC15-01 MCC Instructional Design & Curriculum Development Services Addendum 1   8/8/14
RVC15-01 RVCC Food Services     7/11/14
NHTI15-78 NHTI Lease of Dorm Refrigerator/Microwave Units     6/17/15
GBC15-04 GBCC Prior Learning Assessment Program Development     6/9/15
GBC15-03 GBCC Land Care Services     6/1/15
MCC15-03CM MCC Construction of New Advanced HVAC & Electrical Technology Building Addendum 1   05/25/16
        Bid Notice Addendum 2    
        MCC15-03CM   Specifications

Addendum 3

      Addendum 4    
      Addendum 5    
      Addendum 6    
      Addendum 7    
      Addendum 8    
      Addendum 8    
      Addendum 8 Architectural Drawings    
      Addendum 8 Structural Drawings    
MCC15-03CM MCC   Addendum 9    
MCC15-03CM MCC   Sub-Contractor Masterlist  02/22/18    
NHTI16-79 NHTI Design Build Services for Advanced Manufacturing Lab Retrofit Addendum 1 No Bids Received 05/17/16
CON16-04 NHTI Laser Engraving Machine Addendum 1 CON16-04 04/25/16
CON16-03 NHTI Residence Hall Furniture   CON16-03 03/29/16
MCC15-03CM MCC Construction Mgmt Svs: HVAC/Electrical Technology Bldg Addendum 1 MCC15-03CM 03/09/16
CON16-02 NHTI Cisco Equipment   CON16-02 02/19/16
GBC16-01 GBCC Cleaning Services   GBC16-01 01/12/16
    Mandatory Walk Through: December 15, 2015 @ 9:00 am Portsmouth, NH Location      
    Mandatory Walk Through: December 15, 2015 @ 1:00 pm Rochester, NH Location      
NCC16-01 NCC Lathe   NCC16-01 12/29/15
NCC16-02 NCC Coordinate Measuring Machine   NCC16-02 12/29/15
NCC16-03 NCC Milling Machine   NCC16-03 12/29/15
GBC16-02 GBCC Trash Removal Services (Portsmouth & Rochester) Addendum 1 GBC16-02 12/15/15
LRC16-01 LRCC Automotive Lifts Addendum 1 LRC16-01 12/15/15
      Addendum 2    
SYS16-02 CHAN Consulting Services for Financial Systems Module Improvements   SYS16-02 11/06/15
CON16-01 NHTI Dell Precision T1700 Workstations   CON16-01 11/03/15
RVC16-01 RVCC Lebanon Academic Center Design/Build Services   RVC16-01 09/28/15
    MANDATORY Site Visit: 09/16/15 9:00 am thru   Addendum 1  
    3:00 PM at 15 Hanover St, Lebanon NH   Addendum 2  
        Addendum 3  
        Subcontractor List  
CON15-04 NHTI NHTI DCE Mailer   CON15-04 06/23/15
MCC15-02C MCC Driveway Improvements   MCC15-02C 06/12/15
        Addendum 1  
        Addendum 2  
        Sub Contractor  
MCC15-04 MCC Auditorium Seating Space Template MCC15-04 06/04/15
MCC15-03 MCC HVAC/Electrical Technology Laboratory Building   MCC15-03  
        Design Qualifications Form 05/18/15
CON15-03 NHTI Residence Hall Furniture Addendum 1 CON15-03 04/16/15
CON15-02 NHTI Third Party Evaluation Services Narrative CON15-02 03/06/15
NCC15-02 NCC Design & Construction Service   NCC15-02 02/13/15
     Firms Selected to Submit Proposals   Firms  
GBC15-01 GBCC Telescoping Gym Seats   GBC15-01 02/05/15
RVC15-07 RVCC Graduation Tent & Equipment Rental Specifications RVC15-07 12/18/14
    MANDATORY: Walk Thru 12/12/14 10:00 am      
CHA15-01 CHAN Degrees, Certificates and Cases   CHA15-01 12/12/14
          General Information      
         Degree Covers      
WMC15-01 WMCC Lawn Care   WMC15-01 10/29/14
    MANDATORY Walk Thru: 10/17/14 @ 1:00 pm      
WMC15-02 WMCC Snow Removal & Spring Clean Up   WMC15-02 10/29/14
    MANDATORY Walk Thru: 10/17/14 @ 11:00 am      
LRC15-01 LRCC General Motors Vehicles   LRC15-01 09/30/14
    Pictures of Trade In: Astro Van      
    Pictures of Trade In: Jeep      
    Pictures of Trade In: Van      
RVC15-05 RVCC 1 Ton Pick Up Truck Addendum 1 RVC15-05 09/22/14
CON15-01 NHTI DCE Mailer   CON15-01 07/11/14
NHTI14-75 NHTI Fire Alarm Panel & Life Safety Equipment Service   NHTI14-75 06/30/14
MCC14-12 MCC Waste Removal Services   MCC14-12 06/19/14
CON14-08 NHTI Dorm Furniture Addendum 1 CON14-08 06/17/14
CON14-09 NHTI Networked Storage Addendum 1 CON14-09 06/06/14
MCC14-11 MCC Welders & Accessories   MCC14-11 05/28/14
NHTI14-69 NHTI Full Service Cleaning of Academic/Office Buildings Addendum 1 NHTI14-69 04/25/14
    MANDATORY Walk Thru: 04/11/14 @ 9:00      
CON14-07 NHTI DCE Mailer   CON14-07 04/21/14
WMC14-05CM WMCC Construction Management Services

Subcontractor List

Hutter Const 04/14/14
CHA14-02 CHA Energy Consultant Services Usage Sheet   04/04/14
    Awarded to:  Competitive Energy Services Addendum 1    
MCC14-10 MCC Dump Truck: Ford F-550   MCC14-10 03/19/14


GBCC Construction Management Services for a New Student Success Center  

North Branch


Subcontractor List

MCC14-09 MCC Fitness Equipment   MCC14-09 03/14/14
CON14-06 NHTI Videography for NHTI 50th Anniversary History   CON14-06 02/28/14
CON14-05 NHTI Author for NHTI 50th Anniversary History-REBID   CON14-05 02/01/14
CON14-04 NHTI Author for NHTI 50th Anniversary History   CON14-04 12/20/13
GBC14-12 GBCC Campus Safety & Security   GBC14-12 12/16/13
RVC14-05 RVCC Support Services   RVC14-05 11/26/13
NCC14-01 NCC Backup Hardware Appliance   NCC14-01 11/19/13
MCC14-07C MCC Construction of Parking Lot Improvements Addendum 1 MCC14-07C 11/19/13
      Subcontractor Master List    
GB12-11C GBCC Back-Up Chiller Addendum 1 GBC12-11C 11/12/13
    MANDATORY Site Walk on 11/01/13 @ 10:00 AM Addendum 2    
      Addendum 3    
GBC14-11 GBCC RTM Press   GBC14-11 10/24/13
GBC14-10 GBCC Jacquard Rapier Loom Addendum 1 GBC14-10 10/15/13
CON14-03 NHTI DCE Mailer   CON14-03 10/02/13
WMC14-03 WMCC Advanced Process Welders   WMC14-03 09/17/13
GBC14-07 GBCC RTM Injector   GBC14-07 09/03/13
GBC14-05 GBCC Computers & Accessories   GBC14-05 09/03/13
GBC14-03A GBCC Student Success Center Architect Addendum 1 Score Sheet 09/03/13
CON14-01 NHTI Robotic Packages   CON14-01 08/28/13
LRC14-05 LRCC Aruba Wireless Equipment Addendum 1 LRC14-05 08/23/13
CON14-02 NHTI PLC Simulators Addendum 1 CON14-02 08/22/13
RVC14-02 RVCC Concept Mill & Lathe   RVC14-02 08/20/13
MCC14-06 MCC Ford F250XL Truck   MCC14-06 08/20/13
MCC14-05 MCC CNC Milling & Turning Workstation   MCC14-05 08/19/13
MCC14-04 MCC Hydraulics & Pneumatics Technology Training Stations   MCC14-04 08/16/13
MCC14-01 MCC Industrial Robot Workstation   MCC14-01 08/14/13
GBC14-06 GBCC Furniture Addendum 1 GBC14-06 08/14/13
      Classroom Layout    
MCC14-03 MCC Training Stations   MCC14-03 08/14/13
MCC14-02 MCC PLC Training Simulator   MCC14-02 08/14/13
GBC14-04 GBCC Concept Mill and Lathe   GBC14-04 08/01/13
NCC13-15 NCC Swiss Type Automatic Lathe   NCC13-15 08/01/13
LRC14-03 LRCC Robotic Learning System   LRC14-03 07/31/13
CON13-21 NHTI Machine Vision System   CON13-21 07/31/13
CON13-20 NHTI CNC Turning Station   CON13-20 07/31/13
RVC14-01 WMCC Coordinate Measuring Machine   RVC14-01 07/29/13
WMC14-02 WMCC TIG Welders   WMC14-02 07/25/13
WMC14-01 WMCC Virtual Arc Welding Trainer   WMC14-01 07/23/13
LRC13-14 LRCC Mill & Lathe   LRC13-14 07/22/13
GBC14-02 GBCC Weaving Loom & Jacquard Weaving Head   GBC14-02 07/16/13
GBC14-01 GBCC Press & Injector   GBC14-01 07/16/13
LRC13-15 LRCC Bench Top CNC's Addendum 1 LRC13-15 07/12/13
LRC13-13 LRCC Training Systems   LRC13-13 07/08/13
GBC13-28 GBCC Industrial Air Compressor   GBC13-28 07/05/13
CON13-18 NHTI Laboratory Electronics   CON13-18 07/03/13
MCC13-20 MCC 3-D Printer   MCC13-20 07/02/13
LRC13-12 LRCC Vertical Milling Machine Addendum 1 LRC13-12 07/02/13
CON13-17 NHTI Dell Optiplex 9010 Computers   CON13-17 06/27/13
CON13-19 NHTI IT Managed and Professional Services   CON13-19 06/27/13
NCC13-14 NCC 3D Printer   NCC13-14 06/24/13
WMC13-21 WMCC Electrical Work for Welding Lab     06/24/13
    MANDATORY WALK THRU (must attend one):      
    June 17, 2013 @ 9:00 am or      
    June 19, 2013 @ 9:00 am      
WMC13-20 WMCC Installation of Cement Pad for Equipment Base     06/20/13
MCC13-19 MCC Installation of Rubber Flooring Tiles     06/19/13
    MANDATORY WALK THRU: 06/13/13 @ 10:00 am      
GBC13-27 GBCC Modular Computer Tables Manuf Broch. GBC13-27 06/21/13
NCC13-13 NCC Exterior Signs Addendum 1 NCC13-13 06/21/13
      NCC Site Plan    
    MANDATORY WALK THRU: 6/14/13 @ 10:00 am Sign In Sheet    
LRC13-11 LRCC Nursing Anne   LRC13-11 06/19/13
GBC13-26 GBCC Website Redesign   GBC13-26 06/18/13
WMC13-19 WMCC Welding Equipment   WMC13-19 06/18/13
WMC13-18 WMCC 2013 Truck   WMC13-18 06/18/13
WMC13-17 WMCC Mobile Welding Unit Trailer   WMC13-17 06/18/13
CON13-14 NHTI Furniture Addendum 1 CON13-14 06/13/11
LRC13-10 LRCC Maternal & Neonatal Birthing Simulator Addendum 1 LRC13-10 06/12/13
CON13-16 NHTI Microscopes & Balances   CON13-16 06/12/13
WMC13-16 WMCC Installation of two Gas Manifolds   WMC13-16 06/11/13
CON13-13 NHTI Panasonic Projectors Addendum 1 CON13-13 06/11/13
NCC13-10 NCC Engine Lathe Addendum 1 NCC13-10 06/07/13
      Addendum 2    
NCC13-12 NCC Grant Writing Services     06/04/13
CON13-12 NHTI Nursing Kelly   CON13-12 06/04/13
NCC13-11 NCC Computers   NCC13-11 06/04/13
NHTI13-68 NHTI Private Utilities Locating Services   NHTI13-68 05/31/13
NCC13-09 NCC Fall 2013 Course Mailer   NCC13-09 05/30/13
GBC13-25 GBCC 3D Printer   GBC13-25 05/28/13
NHTI13-67 NHTI Installation of a Composite Floor   NHTI13-67 05/24/13
    MANDATORY Walk Thru 05/16/13 @ 1:00 pm      
GBC13-24 GBCC Third Party Evaluation Services     05/22/13
MCC13-17 MCC Temp Kitchen Classroom Renovation Drawings Torphy Cons 05/22/13
    MANDATORY Walk Thru 05/08/13 @ 3:00 pm Sign-in Sheet    
      Addendum 1    
      Addendum 2    
      Score Sheet    
      Subcontractor Master List    
GBC13-23 GBCC Emergency Public Address System Addendum 1 GBC13-23 05/28/13
    MANDATORY Walk Thru 05/14/13 @ 1:00 pm Sign-In Sheet    
WMC13-14 WMCC Virtual Arc Welding Trainers   WMC13-14 05/23/13
NCC13-08 NCC Construction Management Services Subcontractor Master List   05/20/13
LRC13-07 LRCC Laboratory Hoods Addendum 1 LRC13-07 05/20/13
NCC13-07 NCC Furniture Clarification NCC13-07 05/16/13
NCC13-05 NCC Computers   NCC13-05 05/15/13
MCC13-18 MCC Carpeting Addendum 1   05/10/13
    MANDATORY Walk Thru 05/03/13 @ 12:30 pm      
CON13-11 NHTI DCE Postcards & Mailer   CON13-11 05/07/13
GBC13-21 GBCC 4 Spindle Spooler Clarification GBC13-21 05/06/13
NCC13-06 NCC Measuring System   NCC13-06 05/03/13
WMC13-13 WMCC Installation of Basketball Court & Hoop     05/02/13
SYS13-05 CHAN IT Consultant   SYS13-05 04/30/13
LRC13-08 LRCC Laboratory Equipment Addendum 1 LRC13-08 04/29/13
GBC13-18 GBCC Downdraft Booth Addendum 1 GBC13-18 04/29/13
GBC13-20 GBCC Electronic Height Gage Addendum 1 GBC13-20 04/23/13
GBC13-19 GBCC RTM Press and Injection Machines   GBC13-19 04/23/13
GBC13-13 GBCC Jacquard Weaving Loom Diagram GBC13-13 04/23/13
RVC13-06 RVCC Lawn Care   RVC13-06 04/19/13
        MANDATORY: Walk Thru      
        Claremont: 04/11/13 @ 9 am      
        Keene: 04/12/13 @ 9 am      
NCC13-04 NCC 2013 Honda Pilot   NCC13-04 04/19/13
GBC13-17 GBCC Dry Ice Precision Cleaning Machine   GBC13-17 04/19/13
GBC13-16 GBCC Coordinate Measuring Machine   GBC13-16 04/19/13
GBC13-14 GBCC Modular Metrology & Mixing Lab Addendum 1 GBC13-14 04/19/13
GBC13-12 GBCC CNC Machines Addendum 1 GBC13-12 04/19/13
GBC13-15 GBCC Industrial Air Compressor   GBC13-15 04/17/13
GBC13-10 GBCC Hard Wall Cleanroom Addendum 1 GBC13-10 04/17/13
MC 11-03 MCC Window Wall and HVAV renovations Addendum 1 MC 11-03 04/11/13
     MANDATORY: Walk Thru (vendor must attend one) Walk Thru    
            March 26, 2013 @10:00 am OR Drawings    
            March 27, 2013 @ 10:00 am      
    Score Sheet Scoring    
      Subcontractor Master List    
GBC13-11 GBCC Industrial Batch Oven   GBC13-11 04/09/13
GBC13-09 GBCC VMware Host Servers and Storage   GBC13-09 04/05/13
GBC13-08 GBCC Computers & Notebook Storage Cart   GBC13-08 04/05/13
LRC13-06 LRCC Restaurant Rental Space     04/04/13
WMC13-12 WMCC Welding Lab Ventilation System     04/04/13
WMC13-11 WMCC Welding Booths & Stools   WMC13-11 04/04/13
MCC13-16 MCC Drainage Improvements Addendum 1 MCC13-16 04/01/13
    MANDATORY: Walk Thru 03/13/13 @ 10:00 Attendees    
      Addendum 2    
NHTI13-66 NHTI Sewage Pumping Station Inspections & Service     03/29/13
     MANDATORY: Walk Thru 03/22/13 @ 9:00     03/22/13
CON13-08 NHTI Workbenches Figure 1 CON13-08 03/27/13
CON13-10 NHTI Schlage Locksets & Key Blanks Addendum 1 CON13-10 03/26/13
RVC13-05 RVCC Computers   RVC13-05 03/25/13
NHTI13-65 NHTI Emergency Boiler Services      
NCC13-03 NCC Summer 2013 Course Mailer   NCC13-03 03/18/13
GBC13-06 GBCC Furniture Manf. Brochures GBC13-06 03/08/13
GBC13-07 GBCC Dell Projectors   GBC13-07 03/07/13
RVC13-04cm RVCC Construction Management Services   Subcontractor Master List 03/05/13
LRC13-05 LRCC Building Materials   LRC13-05 03/05/13
CON13-15cm NHTI Construction Management Services Addendum 1 Subcontractor Master List 03/04/13
LRC13-04 LRCC Manufacturing Equipment & Training Programs   LRC13-04 03/04/13
NHTI13-63 NHTI Service Con Multistack Chiller     03/01/13
NHTI13-64 NHTI Emergency Lighting Services Addendum 1   03/01/13
      New Exhibit A    
MCC13-12 MCC 5 Ton Electric Chain Hoist Addendum 1 MCC13-12 02/20/13
MCC13-15 MCC Tensile Strength Machine Addendum 1 MCC13-15 02/19/13
GBC13-05 GBCC Autoclave (Rebid)   GBC13-05 02/19/13
CON13-09 NHTI Minuteman UPS   CON13-09 02/15/13
CON13-06 NHTI Audio Visual Equipment   CON13-06 02/12/13
CON13-05 NHTI North Hall Subcontractor Master List    
LRC13-03 LRCC Utility Tractor   LRC13-03 02/08/13
WMC13-08 WMCC Welding Booths   WMC13-08 02/07/13
    Mandatory Walk Through01/31/13 @ 10      
WMC13-07 WMCC Air Handling System   WMC13-07 02/07/13
    Mandatory Walk Through 01/31/13 @ 1      
WMC13-05 WMCC Welding Tools   WMC13-05 02/07/13
WMC13-04 WMCC Welding Equipment   WMC13-04 02/07/13
WMC13-06 WMC Upgrade To Door Hardware Addendum 1 WMC13-06 02/07/13
      Addendum 2    
      Addendum 3    
      Addendum 4    
WM 12-25 WMCC Video Monitoring System Addendum 1   02/01/13
    Mandatory: One Site Walk Addendum 2    
MCC13-13 MCC Facilities Mgmt Prog Development     01/31/13
WMC13-10cm WMCC Transp. Bldg. Design Services Addendum 1   1/28/2013
CON13-04 NHTI Photovoltiac Repair/Upgrade P-37 CON13-04 1/25/2013
    Mandatory Walk Through on 01/16/13 @ 1      
MCC13-14 MCC Gas Welding Units Addendum 1   Cancelled
GBC13-04 GBCC Autoclave   GBC13-04 1/23/2013
WMC13-09 WMCC Used Caterpillar Skid Loader   WMC13-09 1/24/2013
LRC13-02 LRCC Existing CAT Bldg New Door Ins   LRC13-02 1/16/2013
    Mandatory Walk Through on 01/14/13 @ 1    
GBC13-03 GBCC Adv. Materials Mfg. Consultant     1/14/2013
MCC13-04 MCC Fire and Security Maintenance   MCC13-04 12/28/2012
CON13-03 NHTI Wood Frame Shed   CON13-03 12/10/2012
SYS13-04 SYS TAACCCT Marketing     12/7/2012
    Optional Bidders Conference on 11/19/2012      
MCC13-09 MCC Adv Manuf Tech Program Dev     12/4/2012
GBC13-02 GBCC Waste Services     11/8/2012
MCC13-08 MCC Manufacturing Lab Fit Up CIM System Requirements   11/7/2012
      ATM Lab Layout    
      Contract Provisions    
MCC13-07 MCC Generator Supply & Install   MCC13-07 11/07/12
    MADATORY WALK THRU on 11/1/2012      
NHTI13-62 NHTI Generator Service & Repair   NHTI13-62 11/2/2012
MCC13-06 MCC Welding Assessment Center   MCC13-06 10/24/2012
CON13-02 NHTI Processional Banners   CON13-02 10/9/2012
      Programs - Logo    
MCC13-05 MCC Welding Booths   MCC13-05 10/8/2012
WMC13-03 WMCC Chassis Dynamometer Addendum 1 WMC13-03 10/3/2012
RVC13-02 RVCC Snow Removal - Claremont   RVC13-02 10/1/2012
    MANDATORY Walk Thru on 9/14/2012 @ 9:00    
WMC13-02 WMCC Alignment System Addendum 1 WMC13-02 10/3/2012
GBC12-03 GBCC Design/Build Interior Renovations Addendum 1 GBC12-03  
      Rochester Floor Plan    
      GBCC Floor Plans    
      Bldg 2 Existing Conditions    
      Request for Qualifications   9/6/2012
      Subcontractor Master List    
MC 11-04 MCC New Roof B Building Addendum 1 MC 11-04 9/14/2012
MCC13-04 MCC Fire & Sec Alarm Serv & Mon   MCC13-04 9/14/2012
    MANDATORY Walk Through on 8/28/2012    
WMC13-01 WMCC Terry Cloth Towel Service/Rental   WMC13-01 8/31/2012
NHTI13-61 NHTI Replacing Comm. Dishwasher Addendum 1 NHTI13-61 8/31/2012
SYS13-02 SYS Real Estate Services     8/31/2012
NCC13-02 NCC Tool Storage Workstations   NCC13-02 8/29/2012
SYS13-01 SYS Replace Rooftop AC/Heat Unit   SYS13-01 8/13/2012
    Field Measurement Required      
MCC13-03 MCC Clerk of the Works     8/10/2012
NCC13-01 NCC 3D Printer   NCC13-01 8/7/2012
NC 12-10 NCC Design/Build Reno. Mach. Shop   Public Notice 07/31/13
LRC13-01 LRCC EMS Curriculum Management   Sample 7/31/2012
CON13-01 NHTI Printing of Campus Comments   CON13-01 7/30/2012
MCC13-02 MCC Branch-Circuit Panel Boards Sketch MCC13-02 7/25/2012
WM12-24 WMCC Door Hardware Replacement      
NH 12-03 NHTI Academic Building      
RV 12-02 RVCC Design Svs for Classroom Reno      
MC12-07 C MCC Welding Lab Addition Public Notice   7/20/2012
      Labor Compliance    
      Addendum 1    
      Addendum 2    
      Addendum 3    
NHTI13-59 NHTI Pavement Crack Filling & Marking Addendum 1 NHTI13-59 7/9/2012
    Mandatory Walkthrough 06/29/12    
MCC13-01 MCC Energy Efficiency Systems     7/6/2012
LR 12-01C LRCC New Academic Building   Bonnette Page & Stone  
    Construction Managers - List of CM's      
    Subcontractor List - List of Subs      
MCC12-07 MCC CNC Plasma Arc Cutting Sys     6/21/2012
MCC12-05 MCC Café Services     6/15/2012
    Mandatory Pre-Proposal Mtg on 5/30/2012      
NC 12-03 NCC Café Services Addendum 1 Tidewater  
RVC12-20 RVCC Program Evaluator     6/7/2012
NCC12-02 NCC Waste Removal Service     5/23/2012
WMC12-08 WMCC Program Evaluator - ECI Grant Addendum 1   1/20/2012
RVC12-10 RVCC Gas Service/Repair - Keene     12/13/2011
RVC12-11 RVCC Plumbing Service/Repair -Keene     12/13/2011
RVC12-13 RVCC Gas Service/Repair  - RVCC     12/13/2011
RVC12-14 RVCC Plumbing Service/Repair - RVCC     12/13/2011
MCC12-02 MCC Plumbing Services     11/2/2011
RVC12-02 RVCC Electrical Service/Repair -Keene     11/2/2011
SYS12-02 SYS Financial & Compliance Audit Financial Info Berry & Dunn 10/17/2011
    Pre-Bid Conference 09/19/11 Addl Finan Info    
    MacRury Hall RM 136 1:00 PM      
WMC12-05 WMCC LNC Program Director     8/12/2011
WMC12-02 WMCC Entrepreneurial  Res. Coord.     7/13/2011
WM 12-04 WMCC Feasibility Study - Trans Bldg   EH Danson  
WM 11-22 WMCC Littleton Science Lab      
RV11-01 RVCC Security System   Pelmac  
RV 09-08 RVCC Site Lighting   Moulison  
NH10-33 NHTI Parking Lot   J Parker  
NC 12-09 NCC Automotive Training Center   Hutter  
MC 12-33 MCC Civl Eng. Consulting Services   Hoyle  
MC 12-07d MCC Welding Lab Add. Design Sub-Contractor Mast List Warren St  
MC 12-08d MCC Student Center Desginer Addendum 1 Lavallee B  
      Addendum 2    
MC 12-08 MCC Student Center Const. Mgr Sub-Contractor Mast List Eckman  
MC 12-06d MCC Auto. Classroom Add. Design   Lavallee B  
MC 12-06c MCC Auto. Classroom Add. Const.   TPD Cons.  
LR 12-01c LRCC New Academic Bldg Design Subcontractor Master List SMRT  

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