IT Maintenance Window Policy

IT Maintenance Window Policy


Reviewed by College Presidents, College Banner Coordinators, the Technology Planning Committee and approved by the CCSNH Chancellor.  Effective Date: August 8, 2012

In an effort to ensure the continued operation of critical Information Technology (IT) systems and services the Chancellor’s Office Information Technology Department has adopted the following maintenance window.

The Chancellor’s Office Information Technology Department reserves:

Each Sunday morning from 1:00AM to 5:00AM to perform application and system maintenance*. During this time, access to CCSNH IT- managed applications and/or systems (see list below) may not be available**

* The intent of the IT maintenance window is to reserve time when systems/services can be taken off-line for non-emergency preventive maintenance only (which will not have an impact on the appearance or functionality of CCSNH service(s).). Planned system downtime to perform major upgrades which will affect the appearance or functionality of CCSNH services will be announced in advance with information provided on the services affected and the changes anticipated.       

** A maintenance window may not always have maintenance activities scheduled for the full maintenance window.  Note: This maintenance window applies to systems and services provided by the Chancellor’s Office IT Department.  Your College may have its own IT Maintenance Window established to meet local College requirements.

Chancellor’s Office Systems and Services potentially affected by the Maintenance Window:

  • CCSNH email
  • Banner/Cognos Data Warehouse
  • Canvas Learning Management System
  • Library Information System
  • CCSNH web pages and portals
  • Networking and Internet access for the Chancellor’s Office and NHTI(which will affect access to any web hosted services such as ADP.  Internet access at the other CCSNH Colleges will NOT be affected.

Even with the best maintenance, outages may still occur and will likely require emergency IT response outside the established maintenance window. During emergency IT situations we will make every effort to keep you informed by using the INFO line (271-4003), email announcements (or the emergency notification system if email is non-operational).

Benefits of having a Planned IT Maintenance Window:

An IT maintenance window may seem contradictory to our mission of providing 24/7 access to all CCSNH systems and services.  However, like your vehicle if regularly scheduled maintenance is not performed or ignored then these systems and services are far more likely to fail on their own (at the worst possible time). The benefits of an IT Maintenance Window are:

  • Provides a regularly scheduled planned outage period when routine preventative maintenance can be performed at a time when few are likely to notice
  • Reduces emergency IT outages due to preventative maintenance activities
  • Reduces the average length of unexpected outages due to regular maintenance activities
  • Improves reliability and performance of IT systems and services
  • Allows the IT Department to communicate a regularly schedule planned outage so students, faculty and staff can better plan their activities that may coincide with the scheduled maintenance window

Questions or concerns should be emailed to: