Benefits to New Hampshire Businesses

Benefits to New Hampshire Businesses

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WorkReadyNH was developed in 2011 after a series of business roundtable discussions hosted by Governor John Lynch with New Hampshire employers like you, who said that many job applicants and current employees lack the skills to be successful in their companies. In a survey completed by employers in 2016, 70% or more reported communication, professional behavior, problem solving, and punctuality as the skills that are most important for success in the workplace. Those same employers identified those areas were still in need of development.

WorkReadyNH Graduates Are Trained in the Skills You Said Mattered Most

Graduates of the WorkReadyNH course have successfully completed 60 hours of soft skills training taught by community college instructors.

The soft skills course places participants in simulated workplace-related settings and covers areas that include:

  • Job interviews
  • General expectations
  • Workplace safety
  • Communication skills
  • Team-building conflict resolution
  • Problem-solving
  • Meetings
  • On-the-job training
  • Customer service

In additon, WRNH Graduates will come to you with a National Career Readiness Certificate issued by ACT and have proven themselves ready for employment or promotion by testing successfully in three areas covered by the credential: Reading and Understanding Workplace Documents, Applied Mathematics, and Graphic Literacy. The assessment results identify four levels of competence that are tied to an extensive database that compares a worker's skill level with the skills required to successfully complete a specific job.

Hiring participants with The National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) can reduce hiring time and costs. Improvements in the skills documented by the NCRC have been shown by research to improve the quality of new hires, reduce training time, reduce turnover, and increase productivity. 

WRNH participants prepare for the NCRC assessment certificate test by participating in skill building in the areas identified (Reading and Understanding Workplace Documents, Applied Mathematics, and Graphic Literacy).

What are HR Directors saying about WorkReadyNH?

"The WorkReadyNH program has been very beneficial to our company.  In today's economy it is getting harder to find the Soft Skills that are mixed with a good work experience.  We have found applicants who graduate from the WorkReadyNH program hold stronger knowledge of the needed skills to become successful in today's working environment."

James Walker, Director of HR, Lex-Tex Corporation

"...An individual who graduates from WorkReadyNH is well prepared to succeed in the workplace."

Erica Reis, HR Manager, Albany Engineered Composites, Inc