Mission / Strategic Goals

Mission / Strategic Goals


Our purpose is to provide residents with affordable, accessible education and training that aligns with the needs of New Hampshire’s businesses and communities, delivered through an innovative, efficient, and collaborative system of colleges.  CCSNH is dedicated to the educational, professional, and personal success of its students; a skilled workforce for our state’s businesses; and a strong New Hampshire economy.


65 by 25:  To maintain New Hampshire’s positive economic indicators, including low unemployment and high per capita income, NH will need 65 percent of adults with education beyond high school.  CCSNH is committed to achieving this vision by 2025.

Strategic Goals

The Board of trustees has approved the following strategic goals as a means to achieve our vision:

  • Increase enrollment across NH’s community colleges
  • Foster an environment where CCSNH is an employer of choice and works to continuously improve employee engagement
  • Improve CCSNH’s net revenue and financial sustainability, as well as overall financial and budget processes
  • Use technology to expand credit transfer and course sharing between colleges
  • Address the unique needs of our rural colleges and communities
  • Serve as a strong bridge for pathways from high schools and to 4-year institutions and employment with a focus on STEM and high demand careers
  • Advance our data collection, analysis, and communication efforts to support our attainment goals