Withdraw/Drop a Course

Withdraw/Drop a Course

Students must comply with the Withdraw/Drop policy of the college offering the course:

Lakes Region Community College


White Mountains Community College

  • To receive a 100% refund of the eStart tuition, see the Calendar for final dates of withdrawal.
  • Withdrawing from a course prior to the withdrawal date of the semester will result in a grade of "W" (Withdraw).
  • After the withdrwal date, a student must complete the Withdraw/Drop form and request that the instructor issue a grade of "WP" (Withdraw - Pass) or "WF" (Withdraw - Fail) depending on the student's standing in the class at the time of the withdrawal/drop.
  • A "WP" is not calculated into a GPA. A "WF" is calculated into a GPA as an "F".
  • If a student does not officially withdraw from a course, the student will receive an "AF" (Administrative Failure).
  • Not participating in the course is not an automatic withdrawal/drop.