65 By 25: Achieving Economic Prosperity Through Post-Secondary Education

65 By 25: Achieving Economic Prosperity Through Post-Secondary Education

According to projections by researchers at Georgetown’s Center on Education and the Workforce, 68 percent of jobs in New Hampshire will require educational attainment beyond high school by 2020. However, present trajectories indicate that far less than 68 percent of New Hampshire’s workforce will reach that educational bar if the state does act to make it happen.

The Community College System of NH has introduced 65 by 25, a goal to help ensure that 65 percent of adults 25 and older in New Hampshire will have some form of post-secondary education, from certificates to advanced degrees, by 2025. Achieving this goal moves New Hampshire much closer to the target cited in national research and positions New Hampshire to support a strong future economy.

The failure to reach that goal will harm the state’s ability to retain, attract and grow business, and will have long-term effects on the state’s economy and quality of life.

The challenges to increase the percentage of adults in New Hampshire with post-secondary education includes a declining number of educated adults moving into the state, declining numbers of students in the K-12 systems over the next decade, a high percentage or high school graduates who leave the state to attend college and a well-educated population that is aging out of the workforce.

CCSNH has made 65 by 25 a central part of the system’s strategic plan and is committed to working closely with industry and education partners to reach this goal.  65 by 25 is critical if New Hampshire is going to maintain positive economic indicators, including low unemployment and high per capital income, and ensure that the next generation of Granite Staters has the chance to improve on the foundation it inherited.

Data collected and processed – presented in White Paper downloadable from this webpage – makes clear the need for the successful implementation of 65 by 25. It also includes a CCSNH Scorecard that will be a roadmap to 65 by 25.


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