Login Instructions

Login Instructions

CCSNH Login Instructions for the Student Information System (SIS),
Student email and the Blackboard Learning System

Click here for instructional video

This video is an example using the NHTI website, students should go to the website of the college offering the course to access that college’s SIS.

1.  The Student Information System (SIS)

Use the SIS to:

  • Obtain your EasyLogin username and password
  • View your class schedule, grades, and transcript
  • View and pay your bill
  • Access your financial aid
  • Request official transcripts

Login Instructions (print this document and check off the steps below as you do them)

  1. Go to the web site of the college offering the course

  2. Find the SIS link (usually located under a Current Students link)

  3. Select the Student Information System link, then click on Enter Secure Area

  4. Enter your Student ID # - (your ID is the 9-digit number beginning with the @ sign)

  5. Enter your PIN -Your default PIN is your 6-digit birth date (mmddyy) OR the last six digits of your college ID #.

  6. Upon initial login, you will need to change your expired SIS PIN to another number (6-15 digits).  You will also need to create a security question.

  7. If birth date or college ID do not work, contact the Community College offering the course: 

    Great Bay:
    Help Desk



    NHTI, Concord:

    White Mountains:

2.  Access your EasyLogin Username and Password from the Student Information System (SIS) 

Your EasyLogin username and password may be used to access the SIS, Student Email, Blackboard or Library Services.

Once logged into the SIS, at the Main Menu select Personal Informationthen select the Student EasyLogin Information link

3.  Access your Student Email Account

CCSNH student email accounts are created automatically within 24 hours of the course registration. This email serves as the official account for all of your electronic communication with the college. 

a. Go to: http://outlook.com/owa/students.ccsnh.edu

b. Enter your EasyLogin username and password (your username is the text in front of @students.ccsnh.edu, do not include the @ symbol or the text after)

c. Email Help

4.  Access Blackboard – the software used at CCSNH for online courses

a. Go to the direct link to Blackboard:  http://ccsnh.blackboard.com

b. Enter your EasyLogin username and password

c. Click on the title of the course you are taking

d. If you view the message “You are not currently enrolled in any courses” it is because your instructor(s) has not yet made the course viewable to students. 

e. Blackboard student tutorials:  http://ondemand.blackboard.com/students.htm