CCSNH Student Email Instructions

CCSNH Student Email Instructions

(Instructions do not pertain to CCSNH Faculty or Staff) To Access Your CCSNH Student Email:

For more help about SIS click here

  1. Obtain your default student email username and password from the Student Information System (SIS) page, as follows:
    1. Go to:
    2. Select the link for the college from which you are a student
    3. Log in
  2. Go to
  3. Click Logon to Email for the Outlook Web Access (OWA) login screen
  4. Enter your specific email username and password and click the Log On button

scrn cap 1Top The OWA window should look something like this:
scrn cap 2 Email folders are on the left pane. Click a folder to display folder contents in the center pane. Clicking an item in the center pane will display it in the reading pane to the right. Double click a message to view it. Top In the example below, the top row is informational and shows that the Inbox folder is open with 56 emails, and the first 25 are viewable.
scrn cap 3
The arrow buttons enable you to go to the first message, forward, backward and to the last message. As you place your mouse over each icon a popup box will appear to explain the purpose of that icon. Click on the New mail icon, and the following screen appears:
scrn cap 4
Locate the Options button and use this to turn on spell checking, Out of Office Assistant, and other tasks, including changing your email password. Options include:

  • Out of Office Assistant - use to notify email senders if you are unavailable
  • Messaging Options (See below) - use to configure your Inbox

    scrn cap 5

  • Select Edit Signature to include text automatically added to your outgoing messages.
  • Reading pane options - use to configure new messages format (bold are considered unread/new)

    scrn cap 6

  • Spelling Options - Select Always check spelling before sending

    scrn cap 7

  • Junk Mail Filter - If you enable the filter, you will need to set up rules based on words in the subject or the sender's address. If your rules are too restrictive all email will be delivered to junk email.

    scrn cap 8

  • Message Rules (another type of mail filter) - Rules allow you to specify how messages that meet certain conditions are handled. Message rules allow you to manage messages with a specific quality. For example, move all message from Team Members to my important folder.

    Click on the Rules icon - scrn cap 9 in the pane on the left. (These instructions only work on a PC - Mac users will need to use the full Outlook client to establish rules.)

  • On the top of the pane to the right, click on New to add a rule, as shown below:

    scrn cap 10

  • The following window appears:

    scrn cap 11

    Enter whatever rules you think appropriate. When finished, click Save and Close

Be sure to Log Off when you are finished rather than just closing the browser window. Top