Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees

Tuition Per Credit, 2016-17  
NH residents $200
New England Regional Student Program* $300
Out-of- State & International $455

Fees vary by College and, in some cases, by program. You can obtain this information from each College's website or Admissions Office.

Note: All online courses are offered to all students at the rate for NH residents

Although costs will vary, below are sample in-state costs (tuition only) based on two semesters:

  • Minimum full-time attendance (12 credits per semester): 24 credits x $200 = $4,800 plus applicable fees
  • Above minimum full-time attendance (15 credits per semester): 30 credits x $200 = $6,000 plus applicable fees

In addition to having the lowest college tuition in New Hampshire, the Community College System strives to make college affordable through scholarships and loans. The NH Community Colleges Foundation provides scholarship assistance to eligible students enrolled at any college within the system. Financial aid in the form of student loans and work-study is handled through the Admissions/Financial Aid office on each campus.

*The New England Regional Student Program is available through the New England Board of Higher Education (